1 Sure Way To Be Successful And Stay Healthy

The process to stay healthy is often overlooked in the quest to be successful. So I suggest using this 1 NLP Technique below may save your life according to psycho-cardiology, the profound connections between emotions and the cardiovascular system.

If you find the struggle to be successful is affecting your ability to stay healthy, then you must know the right things to do before it’s too late.

Whether you’re juggling high workloads, have difficulty sleeping, experiencing financial stress or battling weight gain, the struggle to stay healthy is often a losing battle.

And although all these things are painful to experience they are not your biggest health problem, at least not directly.

These issues are a direct cause of stress and it’s the stress that can cause you the most damage. Sometimes irreversible and too often fatal, according to Edward Suarez, associate professor of psychiatry and human behavior at Duke University.

Stay Healthy – Avoid Stress

But Stress has become an overused ineffective word that is often taken in a ho-hum, yeah whatever style of thought process, rather than being taken as seriously as it should be.

Stay Healthy Good Heart

Stay Healthy Good Heart Newsweek Magazine

One study in The Lancet found that 11,000 heart-attack sufferers from 52 countries had been under significantly more stress from work, family, financial troubles and depression.

These factors were associated with increased risk according to Dr. Salim Yusuf, professor of medicine at Canada’s McMaster University and senior investigator in the study.

But the information on how to stay healthy also points out that different people respond differently to these stressors.

It seems your chance of having a heart attack is dependent on whether you feel in control over your life, or you’re at the mercy of circumstances and superiors.

Dr. Heal Thy Self

In my experience, most people in the field of psychology and NLP are devoted to helping others, but they don’t often get rid of their own baggage – Too Bad.

My father died of a heart attack at approximately 6:30 on a Friday morning in July, alone in our back yard. He was 52 and I was 12.

I decided early that wasn’t going to happen to me. So, most of my life has been connected to the study health and well-being, for myself as well as others.

And I’ve tested just about every technique in NLP personally, and have had a lot of coaching to make sure I have the freedom to do what I like and enjoy my life the way I want to.

1 Technique To Stay Healthy?

If I was stranded alone on a desert island with only one NLP Technique, the one I would want is the ability to change my beliefs. Because without the belief that I would one day be rescued, I would have nothing to live for.

A healthy belief system gives you real motivation, a positive outlook that can’t be faked, and an overall feeling of happiness.

I have what I call the Treasure Hunters belief. Every day I wake up with the thought:

Today’s The Day!

And it doesn’t matter that yesterday was a failure or success because now – Today’s The Day!

Is it effective in helping me stay healthy?

Well, on my last stress test the doctor told me I had the heart of an Olympic Athlete, but not the body he added jokingly (I think it was jokingly?)

And seeing that I was older than my father got to be, I’ll take that as a YES!

Laughter And Optimism > Trouble

Doctors and researchers alike are now prescribing laughter and optimism as a definite cardiac elixir.

And it seems ironic that psychological interventions are often the treatment of last resort for heart patients who have exhausted all other medical possibilities.

So, whether you have health problems or not now if you don’t have a positive outlook driven by your belief system I would highly recommend you do something about it … that is if you want to live longer.

To really stay healthy you must have an unshakable belief in yourself, and then your success will follow.

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