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NLP Practitioner and Coaching Certification Program

Not Just The Best, We Were The First Too!

In 2000 Ronda and I started a small local NLP Training and Coaching company to help people live healthier, happier more productive lives. We called it Life Potential Developments.

We were immediately successful locally and in 2009 be became even more successful Globally.

Yes, in 2009, Ronda and I, under our company name Life Potential Developments, launched the world's first entirely online "Certified" NLP Practitioner Training.

We took everything good from all the training we had over the years and fixed everything terrible that we experienced in those trainings so that you, our students, would have the very best training in the world.

It took us a whole year to complete and lots of updates over the years, but we can still guarantee you will get the very best NLP Practitioner Certification and Coaching Program in the world.

We know these things from our own experiences traveling and training , and the experience of the many people from around the world that we've trained and trained with:

  • 1- Live NLP Practitioner Training is expensive, often more than $2500.00 and in some places as high as $5700.00 
  • 2- The extra cost in travel - air flights, food, accommodations, and loss of work can be as much or MORE than the training itself.
  • 3- Not everyone is in the position to just "take off" for 2 weeks to participate in training - even a highly beneficial NLP Certification Training.
  • 4- Once committed to a live training, it's going to cost you money. Sometimes a lot of money with no guarantee that you will enjoy or benefit from that particular training. And if you are NOT satisfied and you manage to get your money back from a reputable trainer - What about all those Extra expenses for travel, food, accommodations, and loss of work? And how will you feel after a mistake like that?
  • 5- Support after most trainings is nonexistent. And I believe it's the #1 reason why so many people who take, otherwise excellent, live NLP trainings fail to continue using NLP after the training is over - what a waste... Luckily Ronda and I had each other for support.
  • 6- Some people are still afraid of traveling and, quite frankly, some places are still less safe to travel to or through. And then there is all the preparation hassle. A flight to Ottawa one year was enough to make driving look attractive. I always get nervous when I see latex gloves being snapped on.

We traveled and trained for years, and it took its toll. I swear the food and extra weight gain was painful enough to regret the traveling, BUT...

We also know this from our own experience and the experience of countless people we have trained and trained with:

A well-taught NLP Certification Training is the one most life-changing - earth shaking - monumentally hugest - most wonderful experience you will ever have.

And so crawling over broken glass or experiencing any of the above would be a small price to pay for the huge benefit you will receive from it!

 NLP Global Standards

"Until you are willing to be confused about what you already know...
What you already know will never grow bigger, better or more useful.
Continue to learn, continue to love, and remember ...
Your Message Is Your LIfe."

Dr. Milton Erickson

Mark Hannon, M.S. Washington USA

I love the way you and Bob decided to offer your NLP training to the public.

The online format is efficient and convenient to use, and there are so many extra benefits that the regular hotel seminars just don’t have–especially your one-on-one assistance over the phone and online.

I really feel like you want your students to understand and learn the material and to be proficient practitioners. Your sincerity as people is a major plus in my opinion.

I’ll recommend you highly to the people I know.

That said, why should you have to experience the pain when you can get all the benefits of a live NLP Certification Training Online in the comfort of your own home, at less than half the price of the least expensive training, all without any of the extra trouble and expense of traveling?

  • Imagine getting a full NLP Certification Training with 24/7 Online access from two Master NLP Trainers, a husband and wife (Yin Yang) team with years of positive NLP training experiences.
  • Imagine getting a full NLP Certification Training without any additional cost or trouble for travel, food, accommodations, baby sitters, and loss of pay. Your situation could be less or more costly than others to travel.
  • Imagine taking a trip and never leaving the farm - sorry, that's an old John Denver reference. But it's true! Imagine getting all the benefits of a full NLP Certification Training and none of the added expense, trouble, and time lost.
  • Imagine getting a full NLP Certification Training with no costly commitment. After starting the training, for whatever reason - or no reason at all - you decide to stop training, you can get a full refund for the last module taken and still have access to any other modules you have paid for. You haven't lost one thin dime and no time lost or extra monies spent. That's a real no hassle guarantee.
Phil Strong Gravesend UK

You have found a unique way to teach through the internet, but it's not remote, it's very personal - I wish you both every success - expand and grow - I continue to benefit from the NLP training together with my Counselling Course.

  • Imagine getting a full NLP Certification Training with 24/7 support whenever you need it. But you may never need it, as the support of having 24/7 access to your own Online NLP Training that you can replay over and over as often as you wish may be all you'll ever need.
  • Imagine not having to travel any further than the distance to your computer. You don't have to travel to the training because the training is traveling to you, anytime, anywhere you want it. You can have anywhere in the world access - 24/7 - full NLP Certification Training. You don't ever have to leave your family and worry the whole time you're gone.
  • Imagine how you're feeling relaxed as you watch your training at your own pace. And if you miss something just hit replay (not repay) to see it again. And you won't feel nervous about asking questions in a crowded hotel room full of strangers.
  • Imagine how easy you will be able to interrupt your learning if one of the kids get hurt or has an event they must attend. Either way, you'll be there for them.
  • Imagine how you are feeling after having taken the full NLP Certification Training... You look at your bank account or credit card bill, and you're smiling, you never lost one suitcase or one night of sleep. You didn't get ripped off by any taxi driver, get food poisoning or gain weight. You didn't miss any episodes of The Bachelorette, Survivor or whatever your favorite TV show is. And no one, absolutely no one asked - are we there yet.
  • Imagine not disrupting your life in the least, and getting fully trained in the art and science of NLP. A better training I might add because you were able to repeat as much as needed to understand what you needed to understand fully.
Mikael Jakobsson Sweden

I have enjoyed every minute of this training, and I appreciate the effort you have put into making it into what it is. I have received a lot more value than I expected from this training, and I had pretty high expectations.

Well, you don't have to imagine because this is exactly what you are getting with our NLP Practitioner Certification and Coaching Program.

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  3. That means a lot of people are going to be disappointed (I hope you won't be one of them).

Frankly, I will be surprised if you don't act immediately by clicking on the link below because our training will never be priced this low again ... ever!

And because we can only personally support a small number of people with our available time, this is truly an unbeatable one time offer. And, as I stated above, there will be some very unhappy people who will hesitate and miss the deal. And I know you don't want to be one of them.

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Dr. Gordon Sudduth Texas

I have just begun the training and have found Bob and Ronda incredibly helpful and caring!

Though I have a Ph.D. in psychology I can already see how beneficial NLP can be in therapy - especially with abused women, PTSD patients and marriage counseling.

The information given is quite good and has a great flow to it - making it easy to learn. 

I recommend this training to anyone - therapist, psychologist, counselor or someone in the business field. It is very insightful and will be a great help to people in all walks of life!

Eric Swift Business Coach PA

I just completed module 1 of your NLP training and I thought it was fantastic. It is easy to understand and the video presentations are really done well.

I have taught almost 30 university classes, and working on my doctorate in educational leadership; and the material you put together is exemplary from an instructional stand point.

I am so glad that I decided to learn NLP online and have the material to go over and review anything that I missed. I also previewed the next two modules and I can't wait to get into the more advanced modules and put these powerful techniques to work in my own life and the lives of my clients. GREAT JOB.