Discover The Fortune That Lies Hidden In These 3 Success Quotes

Success Quotes

Most people enjoy reading success quotes, don’t you?

And if you do, then you’ll want to read the 3 success quotes below.


Because they can help you become more successful, that is, if you discover and use the message that lies hidden within.

These Success Quotes …

Often interesting and fun to read Success quotes are even more interesting if you’re an NLP Practitioner because that allows you to also understand them more deeply; they also tell a lot about the people who use them.

Many people only use quotes as entertainment, a quick feel good, perhaps with a laugh or nod of agreement. But I want you to get more than that.

So, let me help you – Discover The Fortune That Lies Hidden In These 3 Success Quotes

I’ll start with one of the greatest singer-songwriters of all time – Stevie Wonder – who said:

“We All Have Ability, The Difference Is How We Use It”

Stevie Wonder has made some great music; some truly inspirational music. And you have to agree that being blind can be a huge disadvantage that would have stopped most people.

But it didn’t stop Stevie. He had an ability, and he figured out how to use his ability to be successful. Not just as a singer-songwriter but as a person true to himself.

There’s no doubt there were others with similar talent as Stevie’s, but he was the one to truly understand his ability and use it fully.

“Cross-country Skiing Is Great
If You Live In A Small Country”

The second of these 3 success quotes comes from Steven Wright. I especially like Steven’s comedy; he’s a very strange thinker. And like cross-country skiing, it takes you way out there.

Stephen gives a great lesson in how easy it is to twist word thoughts into knots, and how not to take those thoughts too seriously.

You can make your own meaning of life, and it can be easier than trying to figure out what it’s about.

“Nothing Is Work
Unless You’d Rather Be Doing Something Else”

Last but not least of the 3 success quotes is from the Chicago Legend, George Halas. George’s nickname was “Mr. Everything” and with a name like that he ought to know, wouldn’t you think?

George was part of the original group of 10 owners that formed the American Professional Football Association, and in 1924 renamed the National Football League. And that was only one of his many accomplishments.

So, if you’re not where you want to be, perhaps you can make use of one or all of these 3 success quotes.

To start, don’t be blind to your abilities, as Stevie Wonder said, we all have them. Realize what yours are and put more energy into developing them.

And don’t laugh off Steven Wright, look at things differently, start small with baby steps and take lots of them. Remember, it’s a time thing.

And of course, if you want to make your life long and happy, listen to George Halas. Do the things you’d rather be doing. Do one or do many, but make sure it’s what you want to do because …

You Can’t Base Your Life On Other People`s Expectations!

Right on Stevie!



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