4 Tips For Losing Weight Without Buying A Damn Thing

Losing Weight

Everyone knows that losing weight is difficult and a whole lot less fun than the process used for gaining weight.

And you’ve probably tried everything on the market for losing weight, or at least have put a large dent in the never-ending list of offerings.

After all the promises of magical overnight weight loss, while still being able to eat as much chocolate cake as you like, have slithered away in the night, you find the only place you’re losing weight is from your bank account. From buying weight loss products!

So why are you and millions of others so easily lead to believe this latest and greatest new idea will work for losing weight?

Because all the weight lose Gurus (SEE Shyster ) know something you don’t.

Why You’re Still Not Losing Weight

You’re not going to like me for telling you this but, there’s only one simple way, one real and proven method for losing weight.

It’s been proven by everyone who has ever lost weight, and proven by real science. Not that quack science you’re seeing in weight loss ads.

So, what is the one and only simple way for losing weight?

You have to eat fewer calories than you burn off. It’s very simple.

Let me put it in a simpler form. Think of blowing up a balloon. The reason it blows up is because you’re putting more air in than you are taking out.

Now think of yourself as the ballon (hypothetically speaking, please don’t send me nasty emails) and instead of air you’re pushing food in. The more food in the bigger you get.

When you burn off calories by exercising, it’s like letting air out of the ballon.

Simple, right?

The First 2 Tips For Losing Weight

So the first two tips for losing weight are; 1) eat fewer calories and 2) burn off more calories than you eat with exercise that is safe for you to do.

Please check with your doctor for what is safe for you. (I don’t want nasty emails from those you leave behind either)

Now, let me tell you at least 5 reasons why you and millions of others won’t do this:

  1. It’s Not Fun!
  2. It’s Not Easy!
  3. I Haven’t Dressed It Up As An Amazing New Discovery!
  4. You Won’t See Immediate Results!
  5. And The Big One … It Doesn’t Feel Good!

Tip #3 For Losing Weight

Tip #3 for losing weight involves motivation. You must have an easy way for being motivated to eat less and exercise more.

But WAIT, before you give up and head back to the coach with your box of Twinkies and sugar laden extra creamy hot chocolate, let me explain motivation and why it fails you.

Every person on this earth has one overall motivation, and that is to – Feel Good.

Everything you or I will ever be motivated to do has to result in a Feel Good for us. For example, eat a twinkie = feel good, exercise = Not feel good.

As a matter of fact, eating is the quickest and easiest way for any human being to feel good. That’s why we do it. It’s Easy, and it Feels Good!

Go ahead and run this thought on everything you do. The more you have to do things that don’t feel good, the more you will seek relief as quickly as possible to feel good.

You may have secret Feel Good stashes all over the place, or just one large vault, often called a fridge. You may have a local haunt like Starbucks, Cinnabon, Tim Hortons or McDonalds.

It may be the top right hand drawer in you desk, the pocket of a little used coat in your closet or a million other possible places. But you have them.

The Secret Tip #4 For Losing Weight

So, if the first two tips for losing weight are; 1) eat fewer calories and 2) burn off more calories than you eat with exercise that is safe for you to do.

And the 3rd tip for losing weight involves motivation, and having an easy way for being motivated to eat less and exercise more.

Then the Secret 4th tip for losing weight is …

‘Feeling Gooder’ (yeah, I know) doing the process involved with losing weight, than doing the process of NOT losing weight.

If you don’t know how to do that easily, then you need to learn how, SEE NLP Life Coaching.


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