Are You Taking These 5 Steps To Happiness? Part 2


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Your Success – 25% or 75%?

But what if being productive isn’t high on your motivation to happiness list? Well then, how about this little news tidbit. Did you know that only 25% of job success is predicted by your IQ?

So that means you owe 75% of your success,  whether it’s a job or any type of success in life to something other than your smarts. 75%  is due to these 3 factors:

  • Your Optimism Level
  • Your Social Support
  • Your Ability To See Stress As A Challenge Instead Of A Threat

How To Increase Success

Well, what if you’re an entrepreneur, business owner, executive or have a position that you want to keep? Then you may be interested to know that a positive brain due to happiness helps:

  • Creativity Rise
  • Energy Rise
  • Intelligence Rise

And just for good measure here are more success results from The Happiness Advantage:

  • Better Secure Jobs
  • And Better At Keeping Jobs
  • Superior Productivity
  • Greater Sales
  • A Lot Less Turnover
  • Less Burnout
  • More Resilient

Is There A Medical Savings?

I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a saving in prescribed medicine too, like little blue pills and such, due to being happier and less stressed, whaddya think?

OK, so before I give you the 5 Steps To Happiness let me get you just a little bit more motivated for success, and not just for your sake but for the sake of all of us, let me explain why.

Two Important Groups

There are two major groups I want to be as happy and successful as possible, well, at least all the people within those groups who I may come in contact with. And, I know you’ll want the same thing when I tell you why.

Two groups of people I really want to be happy are:

  • Salespeople
  • Doctors

Why do I want Salespeople to be happy? Because happy salespeople are …

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