Are You Taking These 5 Steps To Happiness? Part 3

Continued from: Are You Taking These 5 Steps To Happiness? Part 2

There are two major groups I want to be as happy as possible, well, at least all the people within those groups who I may come in contact with.

And, I know you’ll want the same thing when I tell you why.

Two groups of people I really want to be happy are:

  • Sales People
  • Doctors

Why Sales People and Doctors?

Why do I want salespeople to be happy? Because happy salespeople are 37% better at sales. And I know from experience that when you are better at sales you make more money.

But it’s not just about making more money that’s important. When a sales-person makes more money they are less likely to become desperate for a sale.  And if they are less likely to be desperate for a sale, then they are less likely to have the need to “sell anything to anyone” just to make the sale.

And if they are less likely to be desperate enough to sell anything to anyone, just to make a sale, then there is a better chance they will treat people, you and me, with more respect and honesty to help us buy what we want.

Which salesperson would you rather deal with?

This Is Important!

Why do I want Doctors to be happy? Because the statistics show that happy doctors are 19% faster and more accurate coming up with the correct diagnosis!!

Now, I’ve gotta believe that we all want our doctors to be happy, knowing this fact, right?

Can you imagine getting the wrong diagnosis and having a part of your body removed, only to find out later that it wasn’t necessary, or would you feel better if you didn’t find out?

According to one source, an average of 195,000 people in the USA died per year due to, potentially preventable, in-hospital medical errors. And that’s only deaths reported from “in-hospital” data.

I’m not sure of how many there may be in Canada as they seem to have a better cover-up system where they are not as easily sued and therefore not reported.

So, I hope I’ve pumped up your motivation to become happier because now it’s time to dig into the 5 Steps To Happiness …

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