Are You Taking These 5 Steps To Happiness? Part 6

Random Acts of Kindness

Continued From: Are You Taking These 5 Steps To Happiness? Part 5

Step 5
Random Acts of Kindness

This should be an easy one, but guess what, it isn’t. We often get so tied up in our busy-ness that we overlook a very important part of being human, and that’s showing kindness, and doing random acts of kindness.

You may be a person who shows it a lot, a little or not at all, that’s OK because today you can start to be aware and make sure it’s part of your day. It’s easy to start here are a couple of ideas:

When buying an item compliment the person behind the counter. Hey, if an insincere smile can be better than a sincere frown then an insincere compliment – done right – can be better than no compliment. Fake it til you make it – real.

Most people these days are on some type of social media whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Google, Pinterest, etc. Or perhaps your form of social media is the original face to face type, no matter, same thing and so are the instructions.

Again, like random acts of kindness, anything goes, a compliment, a tip, send a nice email to someone, you name it, just do one every day for the next 21 days and record each one daily.

 What’s Next?

What’s next is to take action – It’s the 4th Key in the NLP 4 Keys To Excellence.

So, to summarize:

  • Have a notebook or  some way to record your daily activities for 21 days
  • Step 1 – Gratitude – 3 things you’re grateful for each day
  • Step 2 – Journaling – record 1 positive experience you had each day
  • Step 3 – Exercise – Pull a Nike and just do it, something, anything and record it
  • Step 4 – Meditation – Free your mind, daydream, chant, whatever, just get out of your head
  • Step 5 – Random Acts of Kindness – Do something nice for someone, make them feel good


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