Are You Taking These 5 Steps To Happiness?

Happiness 5 Steps

If I offered you happiness just by taking 5 easy steps, would you do them?

If your first response was, depends on the 5 steps, you may not understand how important happiness is to you.

But what if I were to tell you, that, if you had happiness, everything else you ever wanted would be easier to get. And some things wouldn’t even be worth chasing anymore, then, would you be more interested?

All Americans Have This Right

Even the United States Declaration of Independence offers its people the right to “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness”. So at least Thomas Jefferson had a good understanding of the importance of it if he wrote it into such an important document.

Happiness is what we all strive for, whether you realize it or not. Why else would you do some of the things you do if it wasn’t to be happy, at least at some point in time, in some way?

So, whether people strive for happiness unknowingly, or they pursue it with intent, why do you think it is that so few ever achieve true happiness?

A Harvard Happiness Course?

Well, this might be a good time for me give you an update on the importance of happiness to you or someone you know.

According to Shawn Anchor happiness gives you a positive brain. He also states that a positive brain is 31% more productive than a negative, neutral or stressed brain.

Shawn ought to know because he spent ten years teaching at Harvard University where his “Happiness” course became one of the most popular courses on campus.

Your Success – 25% or 75%?

But what if being productive isn’t high on your motivation list? Well then, how about this little news tidbit. Did you know that only 25% of job success is predicted by your IQ?

What leads to 75% of your success, whether it’s job success or any type of success in life, is due to these 3 factors:

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