Achieving Excellence: NLP Gives You These 4 Keys To Follow

1. Know Your Outcome (Goal)

Knowing your outcome serves two purposes:

  1. You need to know where you are going
  2. You need to know when you arrived

Ever heard the story of Alice in Wonderland where Alice asked the cat when coming to a fork in the road, which road to take?  Well, the cat simply asked, where do you want to go?  Alice replied I don’t know. The cat said, well then any road will take you there.

If you want to achieve anything in life, you must know your outcome, or you will wander around not knowing where you are going or if you have arrived.

2. Be Flexible

Be FlexibleOnce you know your outcome, you need to be flexible enough to make adjustments in your behavior or actions to achieve what you want.

For example, I have an outcome of delivering a workshop in XYZ town on a particular date.

So, I do the marketing and receive many inquiries from people in ABC town. All the people inquiring from ABC town want the workshop, but none want to travel an hour to attend the workshop in XYZ town.

I received no inquiries from people in XYZ town.

Now, do I continue to market my workshop in XYZ town, or am I flexible enough to make the adjustments of finding a place to host my workshop in ABC town where participants are eager to attend?

It’s really a no-brainer, isn’t it?

I know my outcome of delivering the workshop was more in line with my outcome than insisting on it being in XYZ town and not ABC town.

The workshop will be more successful, and the spin-offs of more business from happy participants will be a bonus reward for being flexible.

3. Use Your Senses With Precision (Pay Attention)

You need to pay attention and have a way to know you are achieving your outcome or goal.

As in the example above, I needed to pay attention to the people who inquired about the workshop. I wouldn’t have been able to make the adjustment and achieve a successful outcome if I hadn’t.

Knowing where you are going, so you know when you arrive, is ultimately essential in achieving excellence in your life.

4. Take Action Now!Achieving Excellence In Your Life

How many times have you heard people tell you about something they wanted to achieve, but they never take any action to complete it?

Maybe you can recall doing this yourself too?

An outcome or goal without action is just a dream. If you want your dreams to become a reality then you Must Take Action Now!

Outcome + Flexibility + Pay Attention + Action = Excellence!

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Ronda Degaust