Advice To People Who Are Not Intuitive And Don’t Make Good Decisions

I'm Thumb Intuitive

When BB King passed away I took a moment to silently thank him. I thanked him not for just producing and playing such soul touching music, but for offering me the choice of a beautiful journey within the life of music.

I don’t believe in coincidences. I do believe in intuition. And I believe we are constantly presented with choices in life. Now, most of the choices we ignore because we have stopped being able to use our intuition to make better choices.

I believe we pass from a very intuitive state of mind early in our lives to a guarded non-intuitive therefore, a non-believing state of mind as we get older. And what we are missing when we are not intuitive are the choices presented by these constantly arising events that give us tremendous opportunities in our lives.

I’m about to tell you of one intuitive choice that I made, and a damn good one I must say, that gave me so much joy in life, and continues to do so to this very day. And hopefully through my experience you too can start regaining your intuitive side AGAIN in order to see the choices presented to you, that can open new worlds of opportunity and enjoyment.

An Intuitive Journey

Perhaps like me, you love music. I remember my father singing Hank Williams songs, among others, and he always had the radio on, which in those days had more music than people talking.

My favorite music in the 70s and 80s was the blues. So when my good friend Blaine won 2 tickets to see BB King play, I had to have one. The problem was Blaine had another friend who also wanted to go. Blaine’s friend Pat and I solved that problem by splitting the cost of a third ticket.

And even though the ticket cost was low, as BB was performing in the Auditorium of Queen Elizabeth High School in Halifax, money was tight and I was driving a taxi in order to make a living.

Well, as it turned out we were all totally blown away by the concert and would have paid a hundred times the price to see him again.

The Event

Now, you could say this is where fate steps in, but I like to call it that event that gave me a choice. The intuitive part is when you know it’s right.

The day after the concert I was driving my taxi and I got the life-changing pleasure of picking up Bucky Adams and driving him and a friend to their destination.

Bucky played sax with BB King at the concert the night before, and so I started to ramble on to him about how great they were at the concert and how much we all enjoyed it.

I also happened to mention to him that I had always wanted to play guitar.

Then why don’t you?, Bucky shot back.

I told him I didn’t think I could because of my thumb. I then held up my hand in a hitchhiking position so Bucky could see from the back seat as he was sitting directly behind me.

Bucky then thrust his hand over the back of the front seat for me to see and assured me I wouldn’t have a problem because he had the same bent thumb, and it never stopped him. How could I argue with logic like that?

The Choice

Bucky told me in no uncertain terms, “go up to Ken Davidson’s Music on Quinpool Rd., buy a guitar and start taking lessons. So I did. One of the best pieces of advice I have ever received in life, and one of the best choices I ever made.

How did I know to choose to do it? For me, it’s when I have the “NO (know)  FEELING”. Whenever it’s not right for me there is a discordant feeling, to use a musical term.

I never became a great guitar player, but music, and the people in it that I met changed my life forever and still does to this day.

Intuitive Need To Know

Now I could have just ignored the advice that had been given to me, believing what I already thought was true. But I didn’t. Why?

Well, the reason is, I know when something is right and when it’s not right for me. It’s a feeling I get when it’s not right and there’s no feeling when it is right. Or I could say it’s the “know” feeling when it is right.

If you don’t have a way to know when something is right for you and when it’s not, don’t worry. Because you can learn how with a little help of what to look for and by paying attention to your own body system. We are not all the same so your intuitive side will be yours to understand.

It’s a built-in process but if you don’t readily have it, it’s because you stopped paying attention at one point in your younger life.

In my next post, I will explain more on how to take charge of this wonderful process and even give you an alternative mechanical method to use in case it doesn’t happen as quickly as it should.

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