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After submitting your application to join Life Potential Developments Affiliate Team, you’ll receive an e-mail message to let you know your application has been received and is awaiting approval. This maintains a high quality standard and excellent reputation that benefits all.

Most applications are approved, but please be advised that we will reject any applicants that use marketing techniques or includes content that Promotes violence, pornography, illegal activity, is hateful in any way, slanderous, defamatory or libellous, is threatening or abusive, uses spyware, adware, violates Can-Spam laws or uses any underhanded tactics, violates copyrights, trademarks or plagiarizes others.

Most approvals are given within 24 hours.

When approved, you’ll receive an e-mail welcoming you to the Life Potential Affiliate team, which will include your unique affiliate link, username and password to access your affiliate control panel.

You will be notified by e-mail If your application is not approved as well.

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