Alzheimer’s – Do you Ask This Question?

What causes Alzheimer’s and how can I prevent it from happening to me?

My answer is, get active and use your brain.

And I’m not the only one who believes that mental and physical activity prevents Alzheimer’s, the health field is recommending both physical and mental fitness. The easiest and quickest way is to pick up a puzzle and do it. Start to stretch your brain.

What Can An Old Dog Like Me Learn?

Another way to start getting mentally fit is by learning new things. It doesn’t have to be our NLP Training Online, although I’d highly recommend it. You could learn to cook, learn to play chess or some other games where thinking is involved.

You could learn a musical instrument.  At 25 I thought I was too old to learn guitar. Then I read a story about a 72-year-old clarinet prodigy that had only been playing for five years.

As long as you have an interest in what you’re learning, it will keep it fun and be motivating.

On the physical side of things, start exercising. Go for a walk every day, join a local gym or fitness program. Take up tennis or bowling.

Ronda and I love to dance. I started very late in life and I’m no Fred Astaire but just so much fun we love it. It’s also a fantastic way to meet really nice people easily.

So, no matter what your choice is the important thing is to pick something you like to do and find enjoyable.

Here’s Something You Don’t Know

I don’t recommend dieting. I do recommend that you watch what you’re eating. Cut back on the fat and sugar, especially the sugar. And make sure you’re getting enough B12!

If you have a B12 deficiency you can experience the same symptoms as people with Alzheimer’s, and, continuing with a B12 deficiency can do permanent damage.

B12 is found naturally in meats, fish and dairy products, organ meats being best. Yes, that beef liver your mother served being the highest by far. And I’ve heard seafood like clams are high on the list too.

There’s also a lot of information pointing to being social as an immune building process. So get out and talk to people, mix and mingle, join groups of like-minded people.

Start by getting advice from your Nutritionist ( I used to include doctors here, but I find fewer and fewer doctors know about good nutrition).

You can also search Bing or Google but just be careful as there is a lot of incorrect advice on the internet aimed at making the website owners money.

Eating right, learning new things, exercising and meeting up with people will help your health now and in the future. And you won’t have time to worry about your coach potato friends who will forget who you are.



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