You May Laugh When I Tell You I Have An Astronaut’s Secret – But When You Hear It!

“Ground control to Major Tom” … Do you remember the famous Canadian Astronaut who played and sang that David Bowie song while in space?

Well, that was Commander Chris Hadfield, the guitar playing picture taking super fascinating astronaut who held all of us earthbound mortals in awe with his thought-provoking glimpses of life in space.

Commander Hadfield taught us a lot about “outer” space, and you really should read his book because he has a lot to teach us about “inner” space as well. That’s where I heard the Astronaut’s Secret again.

In his book, he tells how he made the impossible happen so he could reach the stars.

There’s a lot you can discover about working with your inner space, that which we call our mind.

And I’m going to let you in on a secret, a big Astronaut’s Secret to being more successful. Of course, we explain it in detail in our NLP Practitioner Certification and Coaching Program Online, but that’s for later. Chris Hadfield Astronaut's Secret

I first heard the astronaut’s secret on national television many years ago. And I heard it again recently through one of my hero’s Commander Chris Hadfield.

Commander Hadfield was brilliant at sharing his experience with millions of people worldwide, yet no one seems to know the astronaut’s secret.

It’s Not What You Think

The first time I heard the astronauts secret was many years ago. Like most guys do, I was flipping through channels on TV one evening when I suddenly felt compelled to stop.

Someone was interviewing an astronaut.

I am not usually interested in interviews, but sometimes that inner voice just cuts through, and I have to pay attention. And as usual, I’m glad I did.

The astronaut was speaking about early in his career and casually mentioned something about vomiting in space. The person interviewing him said, oh, you had motion sickness?

If you had been watching, you would’ve seen that the astronaut was taken aback by this comment.

No, no, motion sickness isn’t the problem the astronaut stated emphatically. You must understand how the brain works under all conditions before going into space. Human lives and hundreds of millions of dollars are at stake.

What causes the vomiting in space is a problem between what our eyes see and what our brain believes to be true or right.  

When what our eyes see does not agree with what our brain believes to be true or right, then our brain reacts, sometimes violently. One of those violent ways is to vomit.

Old Beliefs Cause Problems!

What did you just say, the person interviewing asked, can you say that again for the viewing audience?

Sure, but let me take a step back to explain better.

Here on earth, we are rarely forced to accept new information when our eyes see something different than what our brain believes it to be. Our brain just overrides the eyes information and sticks with its original belief of what’s real.

However, in space, we can’t run away from the reality of what we are seeing. Those old beliefs can cause big problems.

Think of it this way, said the astronaut, from the time you are a baby you crawl on the floor and look up at the ceiling. You hold on to walls on either side of you, and you walk or crawl on the floor through doorways.

So the floor is below you; the ceiling is above you and wall are on either side. This is what your brain believes to be true or real.

As you get older in your pre-teens and teen years it stays the same. You walk on the floor, the ceiling is above you, and the walls are on either side of you. And you walk on the floor whenever you go through doors the same as you always have.

No matter how old you get, the normal occurrence is to walk on the floor which is below you with the ceiling above you. Walls are always around you, and the ceiling is always above you.

This layout is everyone’s reality on earth, and your brain believes this is how life is. You believe it so strongly that your sanity is held together by this belief and others like it. Your world cannot exist without your beliefs.

The Astronaut’s Secret

But when you become an astronaut, and you go into outer space, you’re entering a whole different world.

Doorways in space are different, and when you go through one, you may be looking down at the ceiling and looking up at the floor. Or perhaps a wall is now the floor, and the floor and ceiling are to your left and your right where the walls should be.

Your eyes see this new world and sends the signal to your brain.

But because your brain only knows what it has always known it cannot comprehend. And when your brain cannot comprehend it gets confused and that cause causes your brain to react. And in the astronaut’s case, it reacts violently and causes us to vomit.

In space, you can’t deny or run away from this new truth. In space you must adapt and that allows your brain to become smarter so that you can use this new information to your advantage.

As your brain is forced to learn that it can relearn new beliefs, then it breaks that barrier to relearning. And that means it can continue to relearn and do so at a quicker pace.

As your brain gets used to and starts accepting changes, then it stops blocking new information and stops becoming confused. Your brain adapts and therefore allows us to succeed in whatever task we must accomplish.

Reach For The Stars

So, the Astronaut’s Secret explains how a simple childhood belief can grow into an out of this world size problem!

But you don’t have to be an astronaut and go into space to overcome your old limiting beliefs. Because Ronda and I have more than just the Astronaut’s Secret to help you break down learning barriers right here on earth.

Through our NLP Life Coaching, we make it easy to do.

Simply have the desire and be willing to go through new doors in new ways. Start by Taking Action Now!



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