Advice To People Wondering,
Can I Do It?

Are you wondering,  can do it?

I think it’s sad that so many people let their dreams die on the vine, mainly because of some small voice in their head telling them – that won’t work.

Will you be one of them? I hope not, but just in case I want to tell you how the Universe really works when people take action, just in case you were wondering.

How little steps can turn your dreams into wonderful reality, even bigger and better than the original dream.

If you don’t know our background, let me fill you in just a little. Ronda and I both come from very humble beginnings. I often joke with Ronda that her family was rich because they had indoor plumbing and central heating … my family didn’t.

Ronda grew up in the coal mining area, and I grew up in the farming area of one of Canada’s poorest provinces.

The reason I’m telling you this is to set a baseline and to let you know that we didn’t have any advantages that would have given us a great head start.

As a matter of real fact, all the signs pointed to inevitable failure. The province we lived in had a small population that didn’t like change and frowned on success.

Wondering From Dream To Reality

Our wondering wasn’t can we do it, it was how can we do it.

Ronda and I are both helpers, we like helping others achieve. So our original dream was to learn NLP so we would have the right tools for coaching others to help them achieve more.

Working one on one with people who were struggling with life in our little area of the world, helping them overcome their biggest obstacles and enjoy life more.

Well, that dream escalated into becoming full-fledged Certified NLP Trainers and starting our company Life Potential Developments.

Our dream had now grown a bit bigger. We were now helping even more people by training them to do what we did, and that was, working one on one with people who needed help.

A Curious Thing Happened

For many years we trained locally and yet continued to receive emails from people around the world asking us if we could come to their location and train them.

We even had one company in Dubai make us a very enticing offer.

We were flattered, to say the least, and it would have allowed us to reach our goal of helping more people achieve on a bigger scale for sure.

But it wasn’t part of our overall company and personal value system that we wanted to stick to. So we stayed in our local area training and coaching right there at home.

The World Changed

In 2003 I was wondering how I could record our NLP Training and offer the recorded training to others. That way we could ship our NLP Training around the world.  Therefore helping those people who wanted us to come to their location to train them.

But the universe had a bigger idea.

Near the end of 2008 Technology caught up with my wondering. The internet opened up for streaming video, and the whole game plan changed.

Over the next year, yes it took us a full year, we carefully crafted out and put together the most comprehensive NLP Training Online in the world.

Actually, we were the only NLP Trainers to offer a full NLP Certification Training Online. Everone else offered a partial online partial live training.

Today we still offer the most comprehensive NLP Training Online or off.

Going from being local NLP Coaches to offering the worlds best Online NLP Training and Coaching Certification Program was not in the original plan. But that’s my point.

What You Should Know

We didn’t start by wondering how to become the most comprehensive Online NLP Training and Coaching company in the world, that part just evolved. It evolved because we took the first small step in creating our business. We took an NLP Training so we could help people.

Because taking the NLP training was instrumental in enabling us to help others, and that led to everything else.

We couldn’t have foreseen the changes that were coming in the world. And I believe that the Universe helps you when you help yourself. And you do that by taking action.

So, you may be sitting there wondering if you can do it, you may be thinking, yeah, it worked for them but will it work for me? You may even be thinking it won’t, and that means …

You’re at least starting the process – Good Work!

But don’t stop there because I can tell you with 100% certainty that it won’t work for you if you don’t take any action to keep it going.

Baseball has a saying, you can’t hit the ball unless you swing the bat. So start swinging!

There is no way you can possibly know how far you can go in life once you start to take action. Nor will you know in what direction life will take you … that’s for a higher power to decide.

Your mission is to take the first step, and the next and the next …


But whatever you do, don’t sit there and wait for life to happen, you must make it happen – now.


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Bob Clarke

Hi I’m Bob Clarke, writer of most of these blog posts. I’m also the Co-Creator, with my wife Ronda, of the Most Comprehensive NLP Training and Coaching Program Online. Our purpose is to bring NLP to you, saving you time, travel and money.