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Break-thru Coach, International NLP OnlineTrainer, Columnist and Author of How To Heal from criticism, insults, abuse & rejection. Ronda helps her clients remove growth barriers to achieve success in all areas of their lives. For a free consultation call Ronda today to change your life!

Train Your Brain To Sleep And Rejuvenate Your Body For A Healthier You!


When working with people, with any issue, I always start with the same question. And that question is, “What is going on in your life that is preventing you from X?” So if you were having trouble sleeping, “What is going on in your life that is preventing you from having a good night’s sleep?” […]

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NLP Life Coaches Teaching Winning Ways

NLP Life Coaches

Originally written MONDAY, MARCH 10, 2003 – THE CHRONICLE HERALD Coaches teaching winning ways Change process promoted by New Minas husband, wife – By Ian Fairclough / Valley Bureau New Minas – It may not be as well known as many sectors of the economy, but Life Coaching is becoming one of the fastest-growing businesses […]

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When Disaster Hits: How To Deal With Fear?

Deal With Fear Disaster

At Life Potential Developments we have a saying, “Focus On What Your Want” but even so it’s hard not to be affected by the overload of media warnings flashing before our eyes daily. From the 2011 nuclear disaster in Japan to the latest flood, wildfires, volcanic eruptions and plane crashes, there seems to be no […]

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Are You Or Someone You Know Suffering From Lingering Pain?

Solve Your Pain Puzzle

For many years I knew in order to have good physical health you needed to eat well and exercise regularly. But what I didn’t know was the answer to why I was still not as healthy as I thought I should be. And I bet you’re going to be as surprised as I was when […]

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Lighter Lasagna

Lighter Lasagna – Comfort Foods Made Lighter How can you change lasagna into something that doesn’t pack on the pounds? Since maintaining my weight is important to me, and I enjoy the taste of good food, I’m always looking for ways of enjoying my favorite foods but reducing the fat and calories at the same […]

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