Can You Be More Successful By Asking Yourself 3 Simple Questions Every Day?

Be More Successful

Have you ever stayed awake at night thinking about how you can be more successful?

Well, there are many things you can do, but none so easy as asking yourself these 3 simple questions every day.

And here’s what makes it so drop-dead simple, you don’t have to exert one little brain muscle to get the answer. Why? Because your all-powerful subconscious mind will give it to you simply by asking the question.

Is that super cool or what? It’s part of your subconscious mind’s job to come up with answers to questions and problems.

But the trick is to ask yourself the most beneficial questions to be more successful. I mean, why waste precious brainpower asking dumb or mundane questions like, “why can’t I be more successful?”

And you don’t have to make your questions complex or difficult, use the KISS formula – Keep It Simple Smarty!

Simple Question To Be More Successful #1

The first question to be more successful is: “What 3 Important People Will I Connect With Today?”

Many years ago, when I first started asking myself this question, I used to ask “What 3 Important People Will I ‘Meet’ Today?” But times change.

We don’t always meet the people that we deal with in person, nowadays with social media, we can connect to be more successful.

But the key is to ask, What 3 Important People, and don’t get hung up on the number. Some days you may only connect with one, other days it may be many.

Just make sure to ask the question when you start your day.

Simple Question To Be More Successful #2

The 2nd question connects with the first in setting you up to be more successful.

When you ask yourself, “What Will I Learn From Them?” your subconscious mind will automagically start to search in their comments and actions to bring about your new learning.

Simple Question To Be More Successful #3

The 3rd question to be more successful will now connect with question one, as well as question two.
Still keeping it simple, your third question to ask is:  “How Will That Benefit Me?”

Your first question – What 3 Important People Will I Connect With Today, followed by – What Will I Learn From Them? and then topped off with – How Will That Benefit Me? gives you a hat trick (as they say in Hockey, eh).

Budda-bing, Budda-bang, Budda-boom!

Now, as in any NLP Techniques, and this is a great one if you learn to master it, it’s only a technique. By that I mean it is of no value unless you use it.

Once you start using NLP Techniques you start to experience the magic behind them.

I guarantee when you start asking yourself these 3 simple questions at the begging of every day and go over the answers at the end of the day, you will start to be more successful.


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