The Best NLP Practitioner Certification Training

For The New Economy

Has your job, career or life situation been affected by all the sudden and massive changes in the world?

Do you live in fear of receiving one of the many euphemisms for the simple term ‘You’re Fired’?

Perhaps it’s too late, and you’re already slumped over your mid-morning breakfast coffee wondering what the heck do you do at this point in your life?

Or are you one of the few brave soles who are changing careers and starting out on your own?

Well, regardless of which situation you find yourself in, NLP Training can be your answer. But, you must be careful, because not all NLP Training will match your needs and your personality.

NLP Training For The New Economy

When you look at NLP Training, you must be aware that some trainers have just not kept up to date with the needs of today’s world.

For instance, a trainer’s personality plays a significant role in their training. And some trainers have personalities that are heavy on the procedural side and tend not to change with the times.

Like a good government employee, they will do the same job the same way over and over until retirement. That is a good trait for some situations and some training, like flying a plane or doing safety inspections.

But when life situations change it’s good to be able to change with life.

For example, if you’re a parent and suddenly find out the kids have conflicting game schedules and your spouse is working late at the office, you must be able to handle the change and make things happen as if that was the norm.

Price Vs. Cost – It’s What You Pay!

Understanding the difference between Price and Cost is one of those life lessons that, once you know it, changes everything.

So if you haven’t already learned this lesson let me explain, because it could save you a lot of money and anguish going forward.

Price is what you pay up front. The sticker price or what an item sells for.

Cost, on the other hand, is the price you pay upfront plus all other expenses connected to the purchase over the product lifetime.

So, the cost of a live NLP Practitioner Certification Training may be $2500. or more. That is the Price of the training.

The COST of the training would be $2500. plus travel cost, plus hotel cost, plus food cost, plus time away from work cost, plus time away from family and friends cost, plus, plus, plus.

E.g., When Ronda and I took our first $2500 each NLP Training, it cost us 10,467.31 when the dust settled.

And NLP Training Online is no different. If you pay the price that’s asked and the training that you receive is not at least equal to live training, then the cost to your will still be much more than the initial price.


Because you not only wasted your money, you will have lost your time spent on an inferior training, plus any future cost and time to find and take an acceptable training.

The cost to your confidence and abilities is hard to count, but it can be very high as well.

Time – Do You Have It?

Do you have the time it takes for a proper NLP Training?

I remember a quality NLP Training taking 14 days or more. Then they were reduced to 12, 10, 7, even 3 days!

Did the trainers suddenly figure out how to put all that info into fewer days?


The trainers realized that students weren’t willing or able to put their life on hold for that many days and fly off somewhere and take an NLP Training.

So, trainers started removing information from the training and covered it up by telling would be students that they removed all the fluff – What a crock of you know what!!

It’s impossible to get 120 hours of solid content into 7 days let alone one 3 day weekend (that’s only 72 hours).

An NLP Training Online has two big advantages here:

  1. The trainer can include as much information as they want.
  2. The student can watch it as many times as they want.

But a similar problem of deceit follows the training online because it’s known that people have short attention spans and are more attracted to short videos.

So, again, the trainer, more interested in the sale than the student, tells you they removed all the fluff to keep the videos short, when in fact they are giving you less than a full 120-hour training.

And from my observation online most to almost all sites offering Certified NLP Training are not offering real Certified NLP Training at all. And are not even operated by real Certified NLP Trainers. Please Beware!!

Think About Your Career or Life Needs

It’s important, before taking any training, to ask yourself critical questions about your career or life needs. Once you know exactly what you’re looking for, then you can find an NLP Training and trainer that matches your needs.

Knowing exactly what you want from a training and trainer will allow you to choose The Best NLP Practitioner Certification Training for you.

The Nut Shell

So, if your life situation, job or career, has been affected by all the sudden and massive changes in the world, and you’re looking for The Best NLP Practitioner Certification Training For The New Economy, then, in a nutshell, here are some things you must do:

  • Know exactly what you want an NLP Training to do for you.
  • Know, like and trust that the trainer you pick will give you what you want.
  • Know the difference between Price and Cost, so you don’t pay too much.
  • Determine if you have enough time to take the training you want.
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