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Lynne Smith, Business Coach, Life Coach and NLP Practitioner

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Ronda Degaust Says: What was the most value you got from a NLP Practitioner Certification?

Lynne Smith Says: Oh my gosh, well there were a few things I got. I mean besides the learning of knowing how to apply it in the business world. I think stepping back a little bit from that was at the end of the program you had us write out case studies.

What I think was really wonderful about that was you know we do the learning, but you’re saying to us before you go out in the real world we want you to be able to go through these steps and know them and be comfortable.

And you come through the program and you’re saying I’m told I can do this, but can I really do it. I see Bob and Ronda do this really well, can I really do it.

So I started to do it, I went to my friends and said look I need some guinea pigs. I got 20 case studies to do, I’m not charging anything, would you just help me get through it. The irony of the whole thing I ended up doing 32…they kept coming back because it was working.

To me one of the things from that the learning was great and being able to apply it, but going through that at the end of the practitioners and making us do those case studies and writing them up was phenomenal. Because that really put the rubber to the road for me.

Ronda Degaust says: So it was all about practicing what you already learned and implementing in your life so when you practiced the actual techniques in NLP which were part of the case studies and just had to note your experience within the case studies that really solidified your learning for you?

Lynne Smith says: Yes, it solidified not only the learning but it also solidified the belief… that you want to know something…that it does really work!

Not that you didn’t know but you really put that belief in you that I’m doing this …they’re doing it really…I’m just helping them go through it. Not only does it work, but I have the ability to help people. And that belief and that knowing it was just like icing on the cake.

Ronda Degaust says: Well I agree with you because when you do practice anything, when you are practicing any kind of new learning, when you notice that practice is effective and you are getting results.Then the belief is happening inside of you and if you are going to be a coach using NLP…as a Life Coach, as a Business Coach…you want to have that confirmation that outside experience that says this is working. That confirmation that this is working and then it forms a belief inside of you that you are capable of helping somebody else make a change. Is that correct?

Lynne Smith says: Absolutely, absolutely right. The other thing that I really appreciated Ronda was that there were times when I went through the process but I went to deeper levels then expected although we were told about them and when I phoned you were there or you were readily assessable for me to say…hey this has happened and you gave me that encouragement and that yes we talked about that and yes that can happen. So that was really really good because still it was really helping somebody, but it was something you may not see very often but you might. And of course during my first 20 sessions I hit it, right.

Ronda Degaust says: So what you are saying is that when you got out practicing in the real world that came into a few snags and you were able to call me and have that support that encouraged you to say yes this is what is happening and this is what might happen and then you were feeling comfortable to know you were on track.Lynne Smith says: Yes that was a wonderful thing to know that you were there for that and that I really appreciated. So that is going that extra mile and building that trust in who is delivering the program. To me that was phenomenal because I think there is a lot of programs that don’t have that extra advantage at the end where you can tap back and say hey look I have a problem or I have something I’m not sure of or whatever. And being accessible was a comfort for me and again gave me my confidence to say hey it’s okay, everything is cool, it’s great!

So again, I don’t think I ever thanked you for that but I’m going to do it publicly. Thank you!Ronda Degaust says: You are very welcome Lynne. It was always a pleasure to talk with you, know your enthusiasm for helping others, help you get a little clarity on any little bumps along the way so you can become the awesome coach you are today.

Lynne Smith says: Oh…I like that word awesome. Okay, I’ll take that. Thank you.

Ronda Degaust says: You’re welcome!