What Everyone Ought To Know About Confidence

Do you think Confidence is about standing out?

Most people think that if you have the nerve to stand out that means you must have confidence, but is that really true?

Author, Coach and NLP Trainer Ronda Degaust created a program called Fearless Public Speaking that proves anyone can create confidence, without being a showboat or standing out.

Loud = Confidence?

And, of course, some people who are loud do stand out, but that doesn’t mean they have confidence.

When the Volcano Krakatoa erupted on August 27, 1883, with an estimated volume of 180 decibels, so loud that it was heard nearly 3,000 miles away, no one said it was confident.

And the blue whale’s cries can reach more than 185 decibels and can travel for miles under water. The blue whale is regarded as the loudest creature on earth, but it’s not recognized for being confident, is it?

So, one way of getting noticed is by being louder. Certainly helps you stand out if you can be the loudest. But what if you aren’t the loudest, or perhaps if you don’t want to stand out by being the loudest? Does that mean you can’t be confident?

Clearly standing out or being loud doesn’t have anything to do with confidence, does it?

It’s Not About Standing Out

What I’ve noticed is that some people have an air of importance about them, perhaps you’ve noticed them too?  They aren’t trying to be important – they just are. Like a beautiful flower doesn’t try to be a beautiful flower – it just is a beautiful flower.

Those people who have an air of importance are confident, often referred to as self-esteem. And it comes from self-knowing, not from being loudest or trying to stand out.

Most of the people who learn NLP are introverts, and their interest is not in being the loudest but in being their best. Being your best at what you choose to do – to me, is in itself building confidence.

So if you can’t belch like a volcano or hit 185 decibels like a blue whale, perhaps you want to aim at being Your best.

One way we know for sure to be your best is with our NLP Training Online. And it not only gives you the ability to be your best, it gives you the confidence in knowing you are at your best.




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