How To Create A Gravatar

Hi [wlm_firstname],

I’ve created a quick little video to show you how to set up your Gravatar. It’s at the bottom of this post.

A Gravatar is a personsonal picture you see on different blogs, websites, Linkedin, Google, Facebook, Twitter and, well, just about everywhere these days.

Why Have A Gravatar?

Gravatars are great trust builders and allow viewers to see the real you.  They also help you build your brand.

Setting your Gravatar is super simple, and I’m made this video to lead you step by step.

Some points to remember:

You can use any picture you like, it doesn’t have to be of you. You can add as many pictures as you like at any time, just in case you like change.

Remember to write down or save your username and password in a safe place so you can easily log back into and make changes or additions.

And, remember to use the same email you have used in your membership site. Because the Gravatar follows your email.

You can hook up as many email addresses as you like to the one Gravatar or make a different Gravatar for each email.

So, have fun creating your Gravatar, any mis-takes can be corrected later.

How To Create A Gravatar

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