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“Last Monday … Was I Tired! – The Dance Instructor Wouldn’t Quit!”


Am I talking about one of those Extreme Fitness Dance programs that are always promising to get you into shape – No!

It was actually three 1 hour dance lessons – back to back – that Ronda had signed us up for.

You see, it all started more than 25 years ago when Ronda and I first met. (This is where you see that swirly hypnotic wheel thing and hear weird music that means you’re going back in time.)

Love was in the air, all tingly and exciting, you know the feeling.

And that’s when Ronda looked me straight in the eye and said, “I love to dance, if you don’t dance, you know where the door is.”

I Lied!

Well, to be quite honest I was awestruck by this woman. And there was no way I was giving up that easily, even if I had never danced in my life and thought dancing was a totally stupid waste of time.

So, like any guy standing in front of a beautiful woman with love in the air and tingly feelings … I lied.

Well, it wasn’t a straight all out lie. I told her I didn’t dance but was willing to learn. That was the real lie because I wasn’t really willing to learn. But I thought time would wash it all away and I would never have to learn to dance, and life would be good. Right.

So … we’ve been dancing together for more than 25 years now …

And you know what? I totally love it, seriously!! And it’s the most fun thing a couple can do in public in my books.

I’m A Dancing Foo-oo-oo-oo-oolll

Anyway, back to last Monday, Ronda signed us up for a new set of lessons which are usually an hour. The first hour is the beginner set, the second hour is intermediate, the third hours is ludicrous if you have stayed for the first two … by that time I can’t even think straight.

But it’s so much fun that we’ve become addicted to dancing. And it’s a good addiction. Other than the low cost of instruction, and dance shoes if you want, it’s very affordable to all.

Now here’s the kicker, it’s also an excellent exercise for both your brain and your body. The new talk around the medical water cooler is that dancing rises to the top for Alzheimer’s prevention due to the enormous brain use, especially for us guys. No jokes please ladies.

And as far as physical exercise goes … I got 10,000 steps on my Fitbit Monday just from dancing!!

But Dance Also Gives You This!

And a third huge benefit that goes unmentioned is the social aspect of dance. The people who dance seem to be happier and easy to get along with. Dancers are people you can feel comfortable spending time with.

You might also like to know that according to Dr. Nick Hall PH.D. studies done by Dr. Ron Glaser and Professor Janice Kiecolt have proven that people who have a healthy social life have a healthier immune system. Those who spend too much time alone have weaker immune systems, and therefore more health issues.

So what should you take from all this? Well, if you want to be healthier, happier and enjoy great relationships – Get Dancing!

And no worries if you don’t presently have a dancing partner, lots of dance instruction studios teach individuals as well as couples. And, there are many who teach line dancing, not just the country style but Latin and Ballroom line dancing, which is what Ronda and I started Monday night in the first hour.

So go ahead and find a dance instructor now by searching online, using the Yellow Pages, or asking happy looking people.

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