Grass Crunching Discovery And NLP Submodalities

NLP Submodalities – Are You Using Them Effectively?

Hurry up; you’re going to be late for school …

I was driving my daughter to school because we were new to the neighborhood, and she didn’t yet have friends to walk with yet.

As I  hurried down the walk toward the car, she decided to wander across the lawn.

Where Can You Add Them?

“The grass is crunching” she shouted back with excitement, “walk on the grass, it’s crunching like walking on tin foil.”

About to shout to her again, I caught myself, said what the heck,  and took a detour onto the grass.
She was right; The Grass Was Crunching! That’s auditory submodalities at it’s best!

It had been a frosty night. The temperatures had dropped, and semi froze the grass. But within minutes the sun’s rays will melt it away like a snowball in Hades.

So there we were my daughter and me, prancing all over the lawn like two-legged reindeer with big silly grins on our faces. And not a care in the world outside of the joyous feeling we were getting from the grass crunching beneath our feet.

Mix With Metaphor – Up Your Game

It was one of those rare times when I actually stopped to experience one of life’s tiny moments. There are lots of them; it’s just that they’re easy to rush by when you fill your life with busy-ness and use that as an excuse.

Too bad, because you don’t often sit and recall all the special moments you miss, do you?. No, but you do remember and re-live the ones you got to enjoy. The ones where you actually took time to BE and experience.

But how do you know which events will be the magic moments that you’ll remember forever? Because there are a lot of moments to choose from, and not all will be that magical.

The simplest way is to listen to your inner self, it will tell you, but you must listen carefully. And then, once you hear the call, you must take immediate action before the moment melts away, like a snowball in Hades.



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