How To Do Wonders With A Little Eye Accessing!

Eye Accessing

Have you knowledge of the NLP Eye Accessing Model?

Well, to give you a little background, the NLP Eye Accessing Model was discovered by scientists at Langley Porter Institute San Francisco, CA in the early 70s – but more on that in a few minutes.

If you’re not aware of NLP Eye Accessing, and what you can learn about a person from it, don’t worry, most people have no idea of its existence, or it’s power.

But that’s not surprising really, is it? I mean, it seems that scientists are more interested in other things as if they know everything already about us humans.

And after all, wouldn’t you be more interested in Alex the talking bird, than Bob, the talking human?

So What’s This About Alex?

Alex was an African Grey parrot who could talk, count, and follow orders from his trainers. He died in 2007 but gave science enough info on animal cognition to make him famous forever.

And that brings us back to what science knows about human cognition. And, it seems scientists know plenty, but it also seems they don’t pay much attention to what they do know, well, the important stuff anyway.

Nor do they all know all the information, apparently they haven’t learned to share.

To go back to the NLP Eye Accessing model that scientist discovered at Langley Porter Institute, for example.

Those same scientists put that fantastic information on the shelf … as if it didn’t matter!

And that fantastic information stayed on that shelf until, thankfully, refound by the boys who put together NLP, Richard Bandler, and John Grinder.

What a shame because …

Most people are still not aware of the NLP Eye Accessing Model and never will be. What a shame because it is a powerful process, and simple to use.

With this one piece of knowledge alone, we’ve helped countless kids and adults past debilitating learning disabilities. And that was only one small area where we’ve used it.

You can discover the full information on how to properly use the NLP Eye Accessing Model through our NLP Training Online.

You’ll be amazed that you’ve lived your whole life without knowing the secret behind NLP Eye Accessing. And when you think about all the secret clues you have been giving away to NLPers that do know about NLP Eye Accessing, oh my!




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