Finally The Struggle Is Over

A smile came across both our faces as Bob said, “you did it Ronda”

I have always had a passion for health and well- being. Friends, family & co-workers called me the “Health Nut”. Was I a health nut, or was I searching for wellness. I exercised, ate right (no sugar and low fat), didn’t smoke, drink or do anything that would hurt my body, or so I thought.

For 25 years I struggled with one health issue after another, adjusting my diet and life style each time to help in the healing. Until one day I was diagnosed with melanoma, deep skin cancer, with a 50/50 chance of survival. Strange illness to have for a health nut that never did the sun tanning thing. Sometimes you need a major push to start looking in another direction.

Finally I came to the realization, with the help of my husband Bob, that it was the “baggage of negative emotions” that was causing my health issues. A new journey began.

After working with a Success Coach, trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), I felt like a new person inside. Not wallowing in the same old negative thought processes that were suffocating me in the feelings of not being good enough, low self-esteem etc. I had two months before the operation to work on clearing out all the negative emotions like fear, anger, sadness & guilt. Emotions that stress the body; weaken the immune system; and can cause serious illnesses.

The operation came and went and I was home waiting for the lymph node test results (a test to determine whether the cancer had spread to my lymph nodes). The call came in a week after I was home from the hospital on a rainy dark dreary day. I called my husband knowing that he hated rainy dark dreary days. I asked him if he could look out the window. He went to the window and said ok I’m looking outside Ronda, why do you want me to look out the window. I asked what do you see, he answered in a low slow voice. “It’s a miserably rainy day”. I immediately said I got my results back and I’m “Node Free” the cancer didn’t spread to my lymph nodes and they got it all.

Excitement came through the receiver as he looked at the rain coming down.

Bob doesn’t seem to mind the rainy days now; he enjoys the rain and how it helps bring new life.

When talking with the doctor, Bob wanted to know about the piece they took from my leg. The doctor hesitated….. then told Bob & myself that there wasn’t even a speck of cancer in the piece they removed. A smile came across both our faces as Bob said, “you did it Ronda”. The doctor of course didn’t know what we were talking about. He was probably relieved that we didn’t get upset about having had an operation that didn’t show signs of cancer. My thoughts started to exhilarate in many directions of the possibilities….

Since then, I decided that NLP was something I wanted to learn to help others become healthier or improve their lives in any area including career, relationships and personal growth. I became passionate about helping others have a second chance at life. I proceeded with my first course NLP Practitioner Certification, then Master Practitioner and Hypnosis. At first I just wanted to coach others, but after a year of coaching, I decided to go further and take NLP Trainer’s Training knowing that many people could benefit from learning the skills and apply them to their already chosen profession. Educators, for example, could help children with their learning disabilities. Helping them improve by recognizing a negative learning strategy and changing it so the child can have a chance at a successful future. Salespeople, Manager, Entrepreneurs, Trainers, Counselors, Consultants, Mental Health Professionals and anyone wanting to understand others, motivate and communicate effectively can use NLP.

How can I help you Maximize Your Life Potential and receive a second chance at your dream?


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Ronda Degaust

Break-thru Coach, International NLP OnlineTrainer, Columnist and Author of How To Heal from criticism, insults, abuse & rejection. Ronda helps her clients remove growth barriers to achieve success in all areas of their lives. For a free consultation call Ronda today to change your life!