Focus: A Sure Sign It’s Not Your Problem – And What Really Is

You’ve got to Focus. I am sure you’ve heard that before from some well-meaning person who wants to help you.

But that’s not your problem.

Let’s face it, if you’re getting too much of what you don’t want in life and not enough of what you do want, you’ve got great focus. It’s just on the wrong thing!

It’s an all too common problem and one that’s easy to fix, with a little practice, and following the advice below.

If you’ve taken our NLP Practitioner Certification and Coaching Program, you’ll already know what I’m writing about in this post, so you can stop reading here.

Everyone else carry on …

Costly Example of Right and Wrong Focus

First, let me help you get clear on the power of focus; otherwise, you’ll continue to have the same problems as Bill Murray in the awesome movie Groundhog Day.

They did a study of drivers who had accidents and drivers who avoided accidents. What they found was shocking. Both types of drivers had been intently focused!

So what made one group have accidents while the other group avoided accidents?

It was what they were focused on!

Focus Shocking Example

The group who had accidents were intently focused on the object that they ran into.

While the group that avoided accidents were focused on what they wanted, an exit point. In other words, they were focused on a safe way around the object that the other group hit.

You Get What You Focus On

If you find your life always giving you what you don’t want, it’s because of what you’re focused on.

That’s how powerful your minds ability is.

If you study geniuses, you will find that they’re geniuses because they focus with laser-like ability in one area. They can’t be a genius if their focal point is on more than one area. And their focus is on what they want and only on what they want.

When we held our live NLP Training, we had a stenciled border on our training room wall that read, “You Get What You Focus On So Focus On What You Want!”

It’s that important.

What’s Your Outcome?

The first step to making a positive change in your life is to make a list. A list of all the things you want.

We call this the start of a well-formed outcome, and it’s one of the 4 Keys To Excellence.

Think about what you want and how you want to be in your life. For example: rather than thinking, “I don’t want to be this or I don’t want this to happen.” change your thoughts to “I want to be this, and I want this to happen.”

Concentrate on all the good things you want to have.

Now To Make It Happen

NLP is not about working hard at changing everything in your life. It’s about working with what you have and figuring out what you need. You make changes by shifting your thinking and the way you process information.

Start with small steps and plenty of them.

Ask yourself, what is the one small thing I can do right now?

Your life is too important to waste all your time focusing on what you don’t want, so start today to make it about what you do want.

Remember – You Get What You Focus On, So Focus On What You Want!

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