How To Get An Even Break – Even If You Start From Behind

Gosh! I feel like a real good cry!
Life, he says, is a cheat, a fake.
Well, I agree with the grouchy guy –
The best you get is an even break.

That’s an old quote I rediscovered, forget where I got it, but you can tell it’s old … Why?

Because, for one, the writer used the word “Gosh” instead of another four-letter word that would have more shock value.

Even Break? Entitlement

But the main reason I know it’s from a time long gone is that the writer is not expressing entitlement. They are not expecting the gift of everything.

The writer is merely asking for an even break, no more, and no less than anyone else. They’re willing to start there and create their own successful life.

Of course, there are ways to increase your chances of success, and the best way is by learning NLP. If you’re unfamiliar it, check out this page: What is NLP.

Perhaps the writer of the quote knew that any success in life is all about making connections with other people. And if you’re going to build secure lasting relationships with others, then you’ll want to have the best communication skills you can get.

 That’s What Soft Skills Are

Communication skills are known as soft skills, and successful companies value them highly. That’s why when politicians leave office, they are quickly grabbed up by large companies and offered huge salaries.

Excellent communication skills can deliver more success than education can. Having excellent communication skills is equal to owning Aladin’s Lamp with unlimited wishes.

I believe there are many more people who take NLP Training for the communication skills alone than there are those who get into the holistic or health side of NLP.

 Start With An Even Break

So, whether you start from behind, or you start with an even break, best you START with NLP Communication Skills.

Of course, you can wait 20 years and see if I’m right, and then start from behind. I know many people who have, or should I say, are still waiting.




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