Where You Can Go With Good NLP Skills – Just Ask Margaret

You may not know all the famous people who contributed to our vast set of NLP skills, so let me give you a little insight into Margaret Meade.

Margaret Meade was arguably the most renowned anthropologist of all time. A respected, if controversial, academic anthropologist married to Gregory Bateson.

Both excellent contributors of many of our NLP skills.

See if you can recognize the NLP skills in this small sample of Margaret’s work.

What’s the difference between an American and a Russian?

Anthropologist Margaret Meade asked the question, “What’s the difference between an American and a Russian?” She said, “The American will pretend to have a headache to get out of an unpleasant social obligation; the Russian would have to have the headache.”

The Russian solution is far better and more elegant. The American achieves the same purpose but knows they are lying.

How Can This Be?

The Russian remains in harmony with his/her conscience.

The Russian does not know how s/he does it but manages to create a valid excuse and not feel responsible for it.

This is possible because their right hand, so to speak, doesn’t know what the left hand is doing.

But the situation is more serious than it appears. At the very least, both people mentioned here are likely to have serious health problems.

Do You Have The Right NLP Skills?

Using my NLP skills and experience, I would say the American has a high chance of having Cancer and the Russian obviously can create just about any disease or condition needed to solve their problems.

And that’s not just my knowledge and experience. Dr. Milton Erickson, Dr. Bernie Siegel, and countless others have volumes written on the subject.

Excellent NLP Skills – Accepted Everywhere

There are millions of people throughout the world, not just Americans and Russians, creating situations like this every day. Shortening their lives, preventing themselves from having a full and happy life.

And they don’t even know they’re causing it or how to go about stopping it.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”
Margaret Mead


And That’s Where You Come In

Do you have what it takes to join that small group of thoughtful, committed citizens that are changing the world? Well, taking our NLP Training Online shows you everything you’ll ever need to know to make real change. And the benefits are definitely worth it.

Because the feeling you’ll get after helping someone else, sometimes literally saving their life, that’s a feeling beyond words. If only you could ask Margaret.

But it may not be for you; perhaps you’ll be like the majority who just walk by thinking it’s not up to them.



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