Guilty of Failing To Learn

Failing To Learn

You have been charged and found guilty of a hideous crime – Failing To Learn!

What will be your punishment – loss of health – wealth – happiness?

Well, unless you’re getting NLP Life Coaching, you may never know really. Why? Because if you don’t recognize the fact that you are failing to learn, how would you recognize the punishment or outcome from that crime … er, I mean event.

But it’s not your fault … it’s your brain’s fault. You see, your brain is lazy. Or put in another way, your brain has learned to be efficient – too efficient at times.

Why You’re Failing To Learn

With the amount of information coming into your brain at any one time, some scientist say in excess of 2.4 million pieces of information at any given time, your brain has learned how to deal with all this information in the most efficient manner. And it’s brilliant really.

When a piece of information comes in through your senses, your brain codes it, locks it in as known and now anytime in the future will not have to analyze this piece again because it’s coded as “known” – saving time to deal with all the other millions of pieces of information bombarding your system.

How efficient is that!

Awww … but what if the information is not completely correct, you might be asking? (If you weren’t perhaps that’s another sign.)

Alas, that is how we catch the felon.

Pick a time … any timmmme … (in my best Sylvester the cat voice)

When you might have told someone how they could do something differently or better and got a negative response where the person says, “I know that”, or something similar. A response which seems to totally disregard your helpful suggestion.

Or worse, they argue that their way is the right way or the best way – even against all odds or common sense!

There before your very eyes lies an efficient brain. (Did Bob mean lies as in lying down or as in telling a lie? – Aren’t ambiguities fun?)

The very function that the brain uses in allowing you to learn more – also prevents you from learning too much, hence ‘Failing To Learn’.

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