How Can You Change Your Behaviors And Still Be You?


If you’re like most people, you have some behaviors that you’d like to change, or get rid of altogether. Perhaps one that’s been kicking around for as long as you can remember?

Well, contrary to popular belief, behaviors can be changed easily and effortlessly. And especially if you’re using NLP Life Coaching.

And because almost all your behaviors are learned processes, that means if you’ve learned them, then you can unlearn them.

Now, you may have heard the saying, “I am who I am”, meaning I am my behaviors so my behaviors make me who I am. So, your question may be, can I change my behaviors and still be who I am?

But perhaps more important to ask yourself is, will it be more beneficial for me to change my behaviors or to stay as I am?

If your answer to that question is that changing your behavior would be more beneficial, then whatever in the world would keep you from doing so?

Because in my opinion, anyone who has unacceptable, unsatisfactory or otherwise detrimental behaviors that don’t positively benefit them, and they don’t lift a finger to change them, they deserve to be on the bottom rung.

Changing your behaviors won’t change who you are; changing your behaviors will make you a better, happier you.

Behaviors Should Serve You

So, if you want to make a change, and the keyword is “wanting,” then that’s usually a good indication that the behavior you want to change is not a behavior that serves you.

Often your behaviors start at an early age when you don’t have the resources that you have now as an adult. Those old behaviors were a coping mechanism intended to last only as long as it took to create healthy adult alternatives.

They are the equivalent to baby teeth that are replaced as you hit a certain stage of life. Only yours got stuck in limbo and hung around longer than intended.

So, now that you are older, you have more resources and more experience in handling life’s situations. You also have more choices for how you behave under certain circumstances.

But because some behaviors have become habits after all this time, changing them takes a bit more work on your part. And for the noncommitted person, even seeking the solution is too much work.

Hanging on the bottom rung and complaining takes less effort.

Now some behaviors and habits you can change on your own, and some you may need help with, and as I mentioned, there’s NLP Life Coaching for that.

Either way, you can benefit significantly by changing those behaviors and still be who you are. Actually, you’ll be a better you, a more authentic you.


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