How Did Tony Robbins Breakthrough And Get Wiped Out?

Did you catch the first of Tony Robbins Breakthrough TV specials on NBC?

In his first-ever TV series, “Breakthrough with Tony Robbins” Tony would be using NLP to coach different groups of people.

Each person involved was facing an extreme life challenge. Tony would be Coaching them to become more resilient and find the inner resources to build better lives and relationships.

If you didn’t get to see Tony’s first show you were actually in the majority of TV watchers. It seems the six-episode series that Tony Robbins had planned to do was driven off the air by ABC’s Wipeout and therefore canceled by NBC.

That sucked of course because the show that aired was quite good and I was looking forward to the other five.

What is Wipeout?

If you haven’t seen “Wipeout,” it’s a show where contestants of all ages, shapes, and sizes do battle against each other through four rounds of obstacle courses.

What makes the show so mesmerizing is the demanding but hilarious obstacle course. Few can make it through the course without being thrown about or hit by some large object.

And somehow these flailing bodies being tossed about seem quite funny. Perhaps it’s because pain is absent on their faces as they fly limply through the air?

The winner of the contest becomes “Wipeout Champion” and receives $50,000 in prize money.

Tony Robbins Helping Vs Wipeout Slamming

So how did a silly show like Wipeout knock Tony Robbins out of the TV rating arena?

I mean, after all, Tony Robbins is trying to help people build better lives and relationships. And that’s certainly worthy of your attention, isn’t it?

In comparison, Wipeout is about punishing silly people willing to take abuse for seeking fame and fortune.

The winner for your attention in life will always be whichever process can create the most dopamine the quickest.

Watching Wipeout is like getting a huge hit of dopamine instantly.

It’s a TV happiness drug that’s fun to watch with an instant good feeling that continues throughout the show.

Usually, we wouldn’t laugh at people bouncing of Big Ball and landing in pools of liquid gook. But in the absence of pain, it makes you laugh because it’s hard to believe people are crazy enough to do some of those stunts.

Back To Tony’s Show

OK, so bodies bouncing off Big Balls is funny, but let’s get back to Tony Robbins.

If you were fortunate enough to see the one and only show, you might have recognized the pattern that Tony Robbins used to breakthrough with Frank and Kristen Alioto.

If you were one of our students, or if you had  breakthrough coaching with us, you would have easily recognized the NLP pattern that Tony Robbins used.

Of course, you don’t have to go to Fiji with Tony Robbins to breakthrough as the couple on the show did. You can simply use the same pattern with yourself that Tony used.

We have access to all the NLP patterns within our NLP Life Coaching.

Contact Us at Life Potential Developments or call 519-207-4422 and ask about

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