Can You Live Happier After Discovering Your Best Truths?


How do we discover our best, our highest truths? All too often, self-help authors will provide a general formula that is meant to work for all of us.  Yet, the formula can’t because each of us is different.

All too often, self-help authors make an assumption that what has worked for them, or what should work in theory, will work for everyone or at least most people.  Neither can be true.

Our best truth is just that – OUR best truth, not our neighbor’s best truth nor our friend’s nor our partner’s nor anyone else’s.

Our best truth is our best truth and ours alone.  Even more important, another person’s best, highest truth is theirs and theirs alone.

Best Truths Step One

So.  How do we go about discovering our best truth?

Although there are many models regarding how many areas of life there are – some have five or six, some have ten or twelve – in NLP, we use a model with eight:

  1. Fitness/Health
  2. Career
  3. Money
  4. Personal and Spiritual Growth
  5. Romance/Significant Other
  6. Physical Environment/Home
  7. Fun/Recreation
  8. Friends/Family

The first step is to prioritize the eight areas – most important to less important.  There is no right or wrong combination or priority.  If it is right for you, then it is right.

What is right for someone else is right for them.

So, right now, list these eight areas on a piece of paper and put them in order of most important to least important.

What’s True For You?

As you might imagine, when an area of life is important to you, it is easy to understand also what is true for you.

For example, let’s say that the area of family/friends is most important to you and that you have high satisfaction in this area.  Now answer this question:  What is true for you when it comes to family and friends?

The answer regarding family may not be the same answer for friends.  There may be multiple layers of family – children, parents, siblings.  So, there may be multiple truths.  Yet, they are truths, and they are your best truths.

Go through the rest of the life areas in order of priority answering that “What is true” question for yourself.  It may be more difficult answering for life areas of lesser priority merely because they don’t warrant an answer.  And, that’s okay.

After completing this exercise, you will have gained some very valuable information.  You will have a clear idea of what is important in your life and the reasons which are also important.

You will have established the existence of some truths that you may not have been aware of.  And you might have a clearer idea about who you are and what makes you tick.

Do You Suffer From This?

Not too long ago, a client came to me with a challenge.  Actually, all clients come to me with challenges otherwise they wouldn’t need to come to me at all.

This client’s challenge was in the area of fitness/health.  She wanted to eliminate certain beliefs that tended to generate unhealthy behaviors.

Together, we worked up a belief change program for her, and the results were spectacular.

She called me to tell me that by the end of the second month, the unhealthy behaviors had disappeared and some new, very healthy behaviors replaced them.

Her blood pressure was back to normal.  Her blood sugar levels were back to normal.  And she was looking quite good.

In the process, she answered that question, “What is true for you regarding your physical health?”  She didn’t like the answer.  So, she did what was necessary to change the answer.

Your Challenge

Your  first challenge is to state, “This is what is true for me.” And when you know that that truth is not in your best interest, then to choose to change those answers.

And when you do, you can end up creating some remarkable best truths for yourself.

Life is about change.  Life is about growth.  The truths we live may not be in our best interest.

The beauty of it all is that we can choose to change – change what we believe, what we hold to be true.

In so doing, we will change our lives.  In so doing, we will discover or perhaps uncover our best, our highest truths.



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Pat Mazor

Pat Mazor is an author and is the creator of the CYBCYL-Change Your Beliefs Change Your Life audio programs. Over the two years invested in research and working with volunteers, Pat developed an incredible formula that helps people change their erroneous self-limiting core beliefs to powerful, self-motivating beliefs for living the lives they most want.