How Does NLP Work? The 3 Most Important First Steps

When hearing stories about the effectiveness of NLP Techniques, you have no doubt wondered, how does NLP work?

It’s 2nd only to the question, “Does NLP Work?”

And if you’re thinking of using NLP, you might be wondering whether NLP will work for you like it does so many others.

Well, wonder no more because I’m going to let you in on the 3 most important first steps in being successful using the techniques of NLP.

I’m a Certified NLP Trainer and I want you to learn NLP the right way. I’ve been teaching NLP for over 20 years, and I’ve seen success and failure.

NLP techniques are used successfully by many, but, also, many people screw up the process because they use the techniques of NLP as if it were a machine … it’s not.

And then when those people screw up, they blame it on the techniques and say NLP doesn’t work. That’s like a carpenter saying the saw doesn’t work because s/he can’t saw a straight line.

Don’t Be An Underachiever!

So, if you don’t want to waste your time becoming an underachiever, meaning you want to be successful in using the techniques of NLP, then you must start with understanding the 3 most important first steps in using the techniques of NLP.

Why spend time understanding the “How Does NLP Work” process?

Because NLP is very different from what you already know, and if you want success, then you must know the secrets to how it works. And then you too can become an NLP wizard and perform what others will see as magic.

The 3 Most Important First Steps
Using The Techniques Of NLP

Step 1 - Calibration Skills

Step 1 involves knowing how the person processes information – This is done by using Calibration Skills.  And because there are a number of combinations people use to process their information, the better you are at calibrating, the better the results you get.

Unfortunately, in the so-called real world, most professionals think more cookie-cutter than personal, and use a one size fits all approach. Thinking everyone processes information the same way.

An example would be for a doctor to prescribe 2 pills a day to both a 100 lb person and a 250 lb person. Perhaps the larger person needs more medication, or the smaller person needs less?

Learning Calibration Skills through our NLP Training Online prepares you for greater success and helps you avoid common mistakes that end in failure.

Step 2 - Representational System

Step 2 is to know which one of three Representational System they are using to process information – This is like knowing and understanding the difference between an Apple iPhone and a Google Android phone. Or a Mac and a PC for those of us who still use them.

The phones may have similar programs/apps to get the job done, but an Apple iPhone app won’t work on a Google Android phone and vice versa. The same goes for PC and Mac programs, they only work on their respective machines.

There may only be three Representational Systems but it’s ultra important to know which one to use with a person, otherwise how can you ever hope to be successful?

Step 3 - The Meta Model

Step 3 is knowing what the real problem is – HINT it isn’t what they tell you or what you may first think it is.

You need to know how to ask the right questions to uncover the hidden subconscious problem that lies buried far beneath the conscious awareness of mere mortals.

We call these types of questions Meta Model Questions, and they are absolutely necessary (not to mention they work like magic) to get to the real problem. Without using our Meta Model questions you will simply be like everyone else with low success and high failure rates.


It’s these questions that, when answered, allow you, the NLP Wizard, to work the magic techniques of NLP. Without knowing how to ask the correct questions, you will be playing blind archery with NLP Techniques.

And always asking, how does NLP work. Or worse, saying it doesn’t.

Don’t Be That Person

Now, if you are like many, you will ignore the above three steps or think they are too much work. You will try using NLP in the same way as you do other things in your life.

You may even be lucky once in a while, and it may appear that what you are doing works, but success will not be an absolute and failure will raise its ugly head all too often.

Repeated failure leads to doubt. You will doubt your abilities and doubt NLP.

And I won’t blame you for giving up when that happens, because, after all, who wants to live in doubt and be semi-successful at anything, let alone NLP?

Don’t be that person.

Be Exceptional

But, perhaps you are exceptional. Maybe you are even unique, one of the few people who have what it takes to be a real wizard at NLP?

If so, then it will show in your approach. You’ll learn the 3 most important first steps in using the techniques of NLP.

And success, oh mighty wizard, will be in the palm of your hand.

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