How Is Tanning Connected to Low Self-Esteem?

To understand tanning you have to understand what happens to the body as it is exposed to sunlight. Everyone needs sunlight in order get their beneficial vitamin D to be healthy and live a long life. But going out into the sun for extended periods of time without protection is just as dangerous as lighting up a cigarette.

Suntan means browning the skin by exposing the body to ultraviolet radiation of the sun. This color change of the skin is due to the release of the pigment called melanin into the skin’s cells. Melanin is produced by melanocytes and it protects the body from absorbing excess solar radiation.

Too much tanning can cause…
premature skin aging, wrinkling, leathery appearance of the skin, hyper pigmentation and sunburns, which may later even lead to more serious diseases such as skin cancer. In order to prevent skin diseases and to minimize skin damage, you must protect your skin from the harmful UV rays.

No Tan No Bathing Suit

Are you the type of person that would not be seen without a tan in a bathing suit? A recent studies have estimated that over 22 million Americans suntan every year. People sun tan today for a variety of reasons – to counter depression, to improve physical beauty and sexual attractiveness and so they can feel better about themselves.

When you consider the main reason for sun tanning, looking more attractive, the message you are telling yourself is I’m not good enough as I am. I need to change the color of my skin in order to be attractive to someone else or even to myself. For this reason sun tanning is connected to low self-esteem.

Babies when first born don’t have tanned skin and are often pale and considered beautiful just as they are. No one puts a baby out in the direct sun to get a tan, so why is it so important for adults to be tanned?

It all starts at a young age being exposed to messages from magazines, television programs and observing people in your life work on their tan. Parents put sunscreen on their children to prevent them from burning, but put tanning oil on their skin to get the darkest tan they can achieve. Between the age of 7-14 (the modeling stage) children watch and copy everything you do. If tanning is important to you to look more attractive, than more than likely your children will follow suit.

What Wrong With Going Natural?

For many years I was tormented about my pale skin and would always tell people that I was just born in the wrong century. The century where pale skin was a sign of being rich or nobility and tanned skin was a sign you were a laborer who worked out doors all day. People today still insist that I get a tan, but I choose to go natural. What ever skin type you are, if you embrace your beauty, whether pale or dark, you are sending yourself the message I’m good enough as I am. Being comfortable with who you are will allow your natural beauty will shine through and you can step into a confident you!



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