How To Avoid Tricky Questions And Answers Easily

In the early days of NLP Training students eagerly jumped on a new form of questions using what’s called the Meta Model.

It was a new and exciting way to gain power from asking the right question, a very specific and to the exact point question. With the sole purpose of getting the right answer that would help the client most.

But tricky questions and answers still exist and even more so on the internet where sensory acuity is useless.

You may not be Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump going for the Presidency, but in your world, it’s still important to stay out of trouble and win the day by answering questions wisely.

So, if you’ve ever found yourself in trouble after answering what appeared to be a harmless question, or you’ve lost out on a fantastic job opportunity after an interview and didn’t know why then read on to solve that problem now.

Do You Know What Makes A Question Tricky?

I bet you already answered the question in the title either yes or no …

And that’s because what makes a question tricky is the fact that your brain must have an answer for it. Your brain is hardwired to answer all questions in 1 of 2 ways.

And it’s for that reason that questions can be downright hazardous, not to mention the fact that some questions are designed specifically to rattle you, and some are designed to mislead you.

Have You Not Asked Yourself This Question?

I’m sure you’ve stood in front of a mirror combing your hair making yourself look good, so you can feel good heading out into the world, haven’t you?

Well, I was combing my hair in front of the mirror the other day thinking about the usual stuff when I had that question. You know the question I mean …

When you’re looking at yourself in the mirror and your left-hand looks like it’s your right hand and your right-hand looks like it’s your left hand … And you ask yourself, why is it when I look in a mirror I’m always reversed left to right or right to left?

Why am I never reversed top to bottom, head to toe?

It’s always left to right. Right to left. The left hand becomes a right hand, the right hand becomes a left hand. Your head never changes with your feet, you never change top to bottom.

Well, thinking about it more as I stood there in our bathroom, I then thought …

What if I were laying down in front of the mirror? With my feet to one side and my head to the other. That way when I was reversed left to right I would actually be reversed head to toe – Brilliant!

We have one of those long vanities and a large mirror, so I climbed up and laid on the vanity in front of the mirror …

It was at that point that my wife Ronda walked into the bathroom, took one look at me, rolled her eyes and shook her head then walked out without saying a word … she doesn’t like to interrupt me when I get my ideas.

Tricky Questions And Answers Clown

Anyway, it didn’t work. I wasn’t reversed top to bottom or head to toe. I was still reversed left to right.


Why is it that whenever you look in a mirror your are always reversed – left to right, right to left?? Never top to bottom??

Well, if you’re following me so far you’ve gone too far. You’ve Followed Me Right Down The Rabbit Hole!

And this is exactly how others manage to take advantage, lead you astray, make you think the way they want you to think and you follow along like those lovely furry creatures following the Pied Piper.

And it’s a crying shame that it’s getting so blatant.

At one time it was only Politicians, lawyers and snake oil salesmen that had this talent. Now it’s every Tom, Dick, and Harriet using it.

But if your brain is hardwired to answer questions then how can you avoid being misled by them?

The Secret To Tricky Questions And Answers

Why is it that whenever you look in a mirror your are always reversed – left to right, right to left? Never top to bottom?

You may or may not have actually stood in front of a mirror and tried to figure it out, but it doesn’t matter because you’re not going to find the answer.

But the answer isn’t the important part here, it’s the question that’s the important part.

Because once you learn the secret behind the question asked, then you can have the key to unlocking a massive fortune, create a staggering life change or just stop people from misleading you and have a happier life.

So here is my favorite Einstein quote. It’s my favorite because I got such a big Ah-Ha from it when I understood what he meant.

Albert Einstein was quoted as saying; “If I had an hour to solve a problem and my life depended on the solution, I would spend the first 55 minutes determining the correct question to ask, for once I knew the correct question, I could solve the problem in less than five minutes.”

Did you get that? The correct question to ask! When you have the correct question to ask, the answer becomes easy.

Now think of the question I asked earlier, “Why is it that whenever you look in a mirror your are always reversed – left to right, right to left? Never top to bottom?”

When looking at yourself in the mirror that Isn’t the correct question to ask to solve the puzzle. Not only is it not the right question, but it’s also meant to intentionally mislead you so you will never be able to get the correct answer.

Sorry about that … all done with a positive intent though;)

Because, when looking in a mirror you are not reversed left to right, right to left. You are reversed front to back. The right to left thing is an optical illusion due to the front to back thing.

The correct question would have been: Why is it that whenever you look in a mirror your are always reversed front to back …

But because your brain is hardwired to answer a question presented to it, you cannot NOT answer the question. And it does it so automatically that it doesn’t have time to even question the question.

Even if it’s the wrong question it will come up with an answer, even if it’s the wrong answer, it doesn’t matter, as long as it gets a satisfactory answer.

Now think of the snake oil salesman who knows this and presents a question to you that can only be answered by one thing … his thing – snake oil.

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