How To Relationship Advice Will Make You Remove Negative People From Your Life

Relationship Advice is free from almost everyone, but like anything else, that’s worth what you pay for it.

And because relationships are our sole food, meaning they are instrumental to our mental health, then they are worth whatever it cost to get them right.

So, whether it’s your personal life or your professional life, if you have relationships with negative people your happiness and your success will be severely stunted, perhaps even shut down.

And we’ve all had them, relationships that suck our energy and leave us feeling like $#!+. But what if you’re still having them? What if, right now today, you are still suffering from being in a relationship with a negative person who is sucking your life energy away?

Has it helped to get relationship advice from your friends or family? No!

Because you’re not like them. And you’re certainly not like the person who’s treating you so badly. It’s not in your nature to treat people like they treat you.

So what do you do? How do you get real relationship advice that’s a perfect match for your situation? And how can you stop attracting these relationship vampires once and for all?

The Best 2 Pieces Of Relationship Advice

Of course, the obvious best 2 pieces of relationship advice are:
Stop these negative relationships before they start.
Stop the negative relationship by removing these negative people from your life.

But I’ve already tried everything I could think of and nothing works, you scream in an anguished tormented voice.

Exactly, I say.

Everything YOU could think of, but that’s the problem! It’s because the problem originated so long ago and you keep repeating it, you don’t even realize what’s going on.

And to make matters worse it’s now embedded into your subconscious where you can’t consciously do anything about it. We say it’s like trying to pull yourself out of quicksand using your own ponytail.

In these cases, there’s only one thing you can do … Get NLP Life Coaching. It’s the only thing that works on that level of your subconscious. And the key word is – It Works!

And when done right by someone who’s highly trained in the art it’s like chatting with an old friend. A friend who is not only understanding but well equipped at slaying relationship vampires.

You could call her Ronda the Relationship Vampire Slayer but she prefers to just be called Coach Ronda.

Ronda can help you change the reason you’re attracting these relationship vampires, as she had done with many relationship challenged clients. And as she did with Helen (not her real name of course).

Below is Helen’s letter to Coach Ronda, and Ronda’s reply, talking about her success. Perhaps it can help you put a steak in the heart of your relationship vampires?

Relationship Advice Outcome

From Helen:

“A couple of months ago I spoke to you about a challenging relationship coming to an end. And you helped me by pointing out that any relationship based on one person helping the other wasn’t enough to sustain a lasting relationship.

You also suggested I ask myself, before starting a new relationship, what value does this person bring into my life besides me having a good feeling helping them?

I wanted to share with you, the value of this seemingly simple advice and how not having this negative person in my life anymore has immediately impacted me.

Wow, Wow, Wow… although my business was good, we tripled our monthly income two months in a row now. It’s hard to believe how much energy I put into helping this person, and how it drained my energy and focus to be doing better in my own life.

If one negative person leaving my life helped this much; I wonder what would happen if I removed them all?

Is there a simple checklist to follow to remove negative people from our lives?”

– Helping Helen Renewed

Dear Helping Helen Renewed,

Congratulations on your new success, both in business and for wanting to help others by what you learned.

Your helping nature shines through and as long as you follow the simple checklist I’ve included, these negative people will leave your life just as quickly as your new success came into your life.

Negative people feed their fire on what they are getting from you. If you stop feeding their fire, they will simply go away.

The big question that always arises when the topic of removing negative people from your life is: What if they are family? What if they are your mother, father, child, spouse etc.?

Family can be the most negative people on your list.

And since there is a good chance there is some positive pleasure you receive from them, then set boundaries around the amount of time you spend with them. Limit visits and telephone calls within a comfortable time frame for you.

If ‘Yeah but’ comes to mind. Ask yourself this question: How important is it to you to enrich your life, both personally and professionally?

“The biggest gift towards your future is to be generous towards your present … events and people in our lives don’t control our lives … our decisions do!”

Coach Ronda 

Wow! did you get that last line? “Events and people in our lives don’t control our lives … our decisions do!”

That means you get to make the decision of what you will do next. So will you decide differently now that you know there is relief available?

Or will you just keep screaming in anguish, “but I’ve already tried everything I could think of and nothing works” in that tormented voice?

Bob Clarke

Hi I’m Bob Clarke, writer of most of these blog posts. I’m also the Co-Creator, with my wife Ronda, of the Most Comprehensive NLP Training and Coaching Program Online. Our purpose is to bring NLP to you, saving you time, travel and money.