How To Study NLP The No Failure Right Way

Have you just started to study NLP?

Or have you been studying NLP without the expected success when using NLP?

If your answer is yes to either of these two questions then read on for How To Study NLP The No Failure Right Way

Because this can prevent you from losing time and money – and end up looking like a failure.

I’ve studied used and taught NLP for the past 25 years. And I’ve seen repeated mistakes in how students study NLP.

The result?

Students never get to achieve excellence, and they never reach their full potential. Plus they anchor in another life failure to their ever-growing list.

Also, not achieving excellence leaves a sour taste of failure in your mouth. And if you’re human then you have to lie to yourself and others to remove that sour taste.

Or if you’re familiar with Aesop’s Fables see  The Fox And The Grapes.

3 Common Lies

The 3 most common lies or excuses we hear are:

  1. NLP doesn’t work …
  2. I’ve learned that before (yet they’re still looking for it??) …
  3. I’ve moved beyond NLP …

The “I’ve moved beyond NLP” is the most obvious failure statement.

Many people who never quite “get” NLP use this as an excuse rather than admit they didn’t understand NLP. Too bad …

But it’s not their fault as poor study habits have been anchored in by the public education system. Schools are still using the same dysfunctional system they have used for over 100 years.

How you have learned to study and memorize in school is NOT the best way for learning NLP.


Study NLP Old School


As a matter of fact, trying to memorize NLP often goes against the process you need to actually learn NLP. To study NLP most effectively you must experience NLP, and that takes more time.

The internet seems to breed ADHD type learners flitting from one shiny object to another.

It’s becoming harder for people to slow down to “Experience” NLP. And that’s where you must be to study NLP and absorb the information within.

So what often happens is the NLP student just skims over the information. Because they’re looking to memorize the parts that would be required to grade high in a test … but we don’t have tests in the study of NLP.

At least not the public education type of test.

Our test in the real world using NLP is: Did you achieve your outcome? or, is the person you’re coaching in a better state now than when they started? The only test that counts in our world is getting a successful outcome.

How To Study NLP

Study NLP as if your life really matters, because it does. And use the 4 Keys to Achieving Excellence In Your Life as a foundation to keep you on track.

You must experience NLP or you will never have the absolute conviction that NLP works. Because with NLP you can do amazing things, too amazing in some cases.

But once you experience them yourself, the belief and conviction will be here to stay. There will be no doubt.

If you’ve never experienced the ocean you can never understand the true power of the ocean.

Also, if you haven’t become a true believer in using NLP, then you can suffer from doubt when using it with others; and they will know.

So immerse yourself in NLP and you will discover a world that you never knew existed; an amazing world.

Study NLP and get a life that can free you from emotional pain and give you stress relief.

It can help you rise to the top of whatever mountain you wish to climb.

And that’s the complete opposite of what you’ll get by skimming through NLP. Or trying to memorize NLP.

If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you ever have time to do it again?



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