Newly Issued From Life Potential Developments

"Newly Issued Training Reveals
How To Unlock The NLP Secrets

...Even If You're New To NLP "

Dear Friend,

If you’d like to take charge of your life breaking free from mediocrity then this will be the most important training you'll ever take.

But First, A Warning:

Before we go further, let me make something abundantly clear:

This isn’t one of those “buy this and own a castle” websites that promises you secret powers for doing nothing.

Here’s the deal. Our training system has been very beneficial for a great number of people throughout the world, and I believe it can help you, too.

But I’m not suggesting that everyone (or anyone) who takes it is going to make huge changes in their lives like we did. I don’t know how much the people who take it will change – it’s likely that many or most of them will make little or no changes at all (especially if they don’t listen and do the process).

With that said … let me jump right in and show you …

Exactly What You’re Getting

First of all, this isn’t like any training you’ve ever taken. There’s no fluff or filler – just meat and potatoes - powerful techniques and processes that are working right now.

And it’s easy to listen to and understand. You can listen on any device at anytime and because it connects straight to your subconscious, there's nothing to memorize!

And you’ll immediately “get” the entire system we personally used to totally change our lives and lifestyle. 

And even though we used this system to build a Global Coaching and Training business,

It’s About MORE Than Just Training.

See, you can use the same system in this training to sell all kinds of products and services, create a business, improve your business, have that perfect relationship, be happier and enjoy life more and, well, almost anything you want.

For example, many years ago I started using this same system to get clients in my real estate business ... becoming one to the top selling, award winning agents in my city.

I also taught the same strategies to one of my real estate friends and he went on to start, run, and successfully sell at a huge profit, his own real estate company.

An ex car salesman recently used the same strategies in the training to grow a fibre optics cable firm before selling at a ridiculous profit.

We've taught this to clients in the fitness industry, entertainment business, sales professionals, lawyers, counselors, psychiatrist, business owners, health and wellness, moms, dads,  and more. (we even helped the children of some of our clients:)

And of course it was through the techniques in this training that I was able to change my attraction process, enabling me to meet Ronda more than 24 years ago and, frankly, satisfying my deepest desire to have a wonderful relationship like my parents did.

So like I said, there’s more to this training than “just” training. Here’s a fraction of what you’re getting…

  • 4 Steps behind every strategy e.g buying, that you can find through simple questions, and once you know you can replicate the process. Great for salespeople, teachers, parents and trainers. Audio 26 and 27.
  • How to break habits, NOT in 21 days but immediately - even if you've had them "forever", and never thought you could! Audio 22.
  • TODAY: Understand the hidden language the other person is speaking that keeps you from knowing what they really, really want.
  • The near-psychic approach to knowing exactly what’s going on in a person’s mind … and they’ll never know how you know. Believe it or not, one way will let you know if they are telling you the truth or not! Hear how it works (and the other five ways as well) on audio 5 and 6.
  • A proven way to get yourself and others motivated. Forget the old fashioned carrot and stick approach that has a 50/50 chance of working. This super easy to use approach works every time and makes you a hero. Audio 25
  • You need a quiet place and full attention to put a person in trance, right? Wrong! The "swinging clock stuff" is totally bogus when it comes to everyday trance states. Here's a brand new approach that's faster, simpler to implement, and quite frankly better. Audio 13.
  • How to eliminate lack of interest sales resistance and skepticism. Just use these "magic" processes and they're like putty in your hands. Audio 8.
  • Why an unusual amount of advertisements use this one technique. And how you can get all the clients you want by using it too. Audio 38.
  • The mysterious secret of the best athletes. How they continuously destroy their competition by connecting past wins with their present game. If you’re losing more than you win you absolutely need this! Audio 18.
  • Need to build agreement? Use this process and you'll find people won’t be able to disagree. Audio 37.

We've helped thousands of people all over the world using these techniques and processes and more, all found in this training.

3 Bonuses

  • Stop Working! People who have jobs they hate going to - "work". People who have purpose never “work”. Get clear on “How To Connect To Your Real Purpose In Life.” Improve your Relationships your Lifestyle and Be Happy. Bonus #1
  • Stop Arguing! Have you ever really “won” an argument? NO! Because even when you win you lose. Most people avoid arguments like the plague because of the high emotional toll it takes on your body. Discover how to achieve agreements where everyone’s a winner. No more lost future business, damage to children in marriage breakups and estranged families. Bonus #2
  • Stop Criticizing! Bullying doesn’t just happen in the school yard. You may not realize it but your helpful critiques can be extremely damaging. 20 years later is too late to realize your kids hate you. And what is it costing your business in lost time having a poisoned work environment? This simple process can change lives - increase productivity and make you respected. Bonus #3

You’re right …that is an unlimited and powerful set of strategies and techniques, but it's only a fraction of what you're getting. And it’s stuff that nobody else can share with you like we can, because nobody else is doing it exactly like we do.

Specifically Designed For Introverts

Listen. If you don’t like crowds of people, you’re not alone. I can’t stand them either. I’d literally rather do hard manual labor than be at a crowded live event.

And that’s why we've spent years developing our systems for online use. 

When you hear what our training is giving you, two things will happen. First, you’ll be of genuine help to everyone you use the techniques and processes with. They’ll come away from their experience viewing you as a trusted friend and adviser …regardless of whether or not they buy anything.

This is really important to you because it sets you up for a long-term relationship with them where they’re significantly more likely to become a good customer that does business with you for years.

The next thing you’ll notice is this:

Others Will Start To Appreciate You!

It'll kinda sneak up on you before you realize it. Because you won’t have to convince anyone of anything, and you won’t even have to worry about performing at some higher level.

And it’ll happen to you without using any pressure, you won’t have to convince anyone of anything, and you won’t even have to talk about yourself or your services much at all!

That’s because of the way this training is designed.

We’ve created it using a combination of advanced NLP Success Strategies and a new approach we've called “The Life Potential System” that actually inserts the information at the subconscious level - Where It Sticks!

Yes, you heard that right. Your subconscious will actually do part of the work automatically for you when you use this new approach. But you will be aware of what you know and how to use it as well.

Here’s What To Do Next

The “cost” of getting this training is a one time payment to join our Gold Membership and with that you get the full NLP Audio Training instantly. And you never pay another dime!

As soon as you place your order, you’ll get an automated receipt and you will be redirected to a registration page that will give you access to your own special account.

You can access it anywhere, immediately, without having to wait for any delivery company.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering …


I realize this is very inexpensive …so you might wonder what the “catch” is.

And I know there are some websites out there that offer you a great deal on something but when you go to buy they upsell you one, two, sometimes 3 times! 

This isn’t one of them. There’s NO UpSell or anything even remotely like that. And there is NO additional cost. NO monthly payments. Nothing more you have to do! Once you join it's a Free Membership.

We're giving you this complete training for one low price as a means of “putting our best foot forward” and demonstrating real value in these very trying times.

My hope is that you’ll love it and use the NLP Secrets to make this planet a better place to live for all of us. Strength in numbers.

But with all that said, there is ONE thing to keep in mind:

Time Is Of The Essence

This offer can end at any time.

When we fill up, when we get more people than the site can handle before it starts costing too much money to run, then we have two choices, charge more or shut down the offer.

And that can happen at any time. The people who join us first deserve top notch attention and service from us, and we won't disappoint them.

So we're making this offer with the idea that you’ll be very impressed with what we are giving you today, and you’ll want to do more with us in the future.

Don’t worry – We don’t have a sales team that will call you and bother you or anything like that.

It’s actually the opposite. I’m betting that you’ll enjoy the training so much, you’ll call us!

Anyway – with all of that said, this is a limited offer.


Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

P.S. In case you’re one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the letter, here’s the deal:

I’m offering you a "Newly Issued Training That Reveals How To Unlock The NLP Secrets...Even If You're New To NLP"

What’s important about this is that now more than ever you really need the techniques and processes that are locked in the Secrets of NLP!  Through this training you can easy learn and use these for yourself and others. (And in my experience, NLP techniques and processes simply work)

This is a very limited offer and can end at any time.

There is no “catch” to this offer. There are NO UpSells, no additional payments or anything like that.

Click here and start your training now. You won’t regret it.

 I have the benefit of practicing NLP for over 28 years, and have an established following as a result. I have gotten fantastic results through using NLP as have my students and clients. I’m using these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors …including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All training requires effort and action. If you’re not willing to accept that, please DO NOT GET THIS TRAINING.