How To Use NLP To Enrich Your Life Even If You Don’t Know Any NLP

This post, “How To Use NLP To Enrich Your Life Even If You Don’t Know Any NLP” is a follow-up to the post “Two important NLP lessons you can learn from people you meet – Without knowing any NLP.”

If you struggle at all to find any lessons in your life it’s because the events that teach us lessons are so common they’re often invisible to us. Daily events are like the signs you pass by every day and no longer notice.

And that’s another reason why it’s important to learn how to use NLP to enrich your life. So you will be able to create childlike curiosity and wonderment which leads to the excitement of learning new things.

The Same 7 Notes

If you play music or know a bit about music, you may know that there are only 7 notes, 12 if you count sharps and flats, in all music. But no one would be very interested in music, playing or listening, if you played those same 7-12 notes the same way for every song. (That why people don’t like playing scales:)

And so it is with your everyday life.

Many years ago while working as the salesperson in a music store I learned that I had to continually move things around if I wanted people to see them.

I would often move all the guitars hanging on the wall from one hanger to another. I would move and restack the amplifiers. I would even move the picks, tuners and other things in and around the counter so that it always looked fresh and new to the students who came in weekly to take a music lesson.

And I knew it worked because students would comment with delight, “Oh, you’ve got new equipment in,” immediately after any move.

It’s all part of what we teach in our NLP Training Online. Your eyes are always sorting for a difference, contrasting this and that. It’s a primitive but still much-needed system that at one time kept humans from danger.

You eyes are attached directly to your brain, so if there’s no difference or nothing to contrast, then there’s no change, therefore nothing to take notice or be aware of.

Want Childhood Curiosity and Wonderment?

One way to see past the common is to start treasure hunting, and that begins with curiosity. One of your best allies is curiosity; it brings out the kid in you and kids love to explore. Think of when you were very young, and everything was new and exciting.

Why just looking under a rock could get you excited. And Peeking through keyholes … OK, maybe there were no keyholes, but if there were, peeking through them would’ve gotten you excited because it’s a tiny glimpse into another world … perhaps a forbidden world!?

It’s that type of excitement that leads you into a state of curiosity. Curiosity is an emotional state that is almost impossible to resist, as any cat will tell you.

And think of the Dr. Seuss’ book, “Oh the Places You’ll Go,” that book has curiosity written right into the title. What places will I go? When will I go to those places? What do they know in those places that I don’t know yet?

I know Dr. Seuss writes for children, but I was introduced to it as an adult at an adult seminar. It’s a fantastic book; I gave it to my adult daughter too.

Are You Expecting?

Did you look under rocks when you were a kid? What did you expect to find?

No one would look under rocks if they didn’t expect to find something weird or wonderful. If you never found weird or wonderful things under rocks you’d stop looking under them, wouldn’t you?

I mean, If you’re going to be looking under rocks you want the excitement of expecting something weird NLP Rocks Amethyst or wonderful like the inside of an Amethyst Geode on North Mountain Nova Scotia, formed millions of years ago.

Well, if you’ve ever gone rockhounding, or on bottle digs in old settlement, or treasure hunting with a metal detector, perhaps you’ve still got that curiosity and expectation lurking within you, seeking to be released?

How To Use NLP
And Start Enriching Your Life

So, the next time you head to the store for milk why not take some curiosity with you? Start with the thought; I wonder what I’ll discover on the way to the store?

And sprinkle a little expectation of running into someone you haven’t seen in a while – someone you like!

Start being curious on purpose. Find a keyhole to peek through or someplace to explore, get back some of that childhood curiosity and wonderment that has slipped away over time. Don’t allow your life to become comfortably numb.

So, if you want to know How To Use NLP To Enrich Your Life Even If You Don’t Know Any NLP, start with Curiosity and Expectation.

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