How You Can Defeat Social Anxiety Now

“He had the sickening look of someone about to vomit as he bolted from the Christmas party.

There was obviously something seriously wrong with my new employee, so I quickly followed him out, Jack said.

And I was right, I could hear him vomiting as I entered the restroom. I asked if he was alright, knowing clearly he wasn’t.

He squeaked out a reply that he was OK, but I didn’t buy it.

With a little probing, I found out what triggered his problem and told him point-blank, you need to talk with Ronda and Bob at Life Potential Developments.”

Taking Action He Got More

Jack was the co-owner of a rocketing new tech company, and the young man whom he had recently employed was Michael. (not their real names of course)

We first met Jack at one of our Introduction To NLP seminars.

“Don’t be offended if I leave within the hour he said to us. I’m only here because I made a promise to Don that I would check you out. I’m extremely busy and not really into this type of thing.”

Don was another one of our students as well as an early mentor to Jack.

The next time we heard from Jack was at the end of the seminar when he voiced a complaint that the day was too short and he wanted more.

And taking action he got more.

He has taken all our NLP Training. Plus, he has made it his mission to personally coach others within his company when he can, and by sending others to Life Potential Developments when he can’t.

Without Action … Nothing

What happened at the Christmas party to trigger such a violent reaction in Michael?

One at a time each employee would go to the front of the room and draw a name from the hat, then call out the name so their teammate would receive a present.

When it was Michael’s turn to draw a name … well, the very thought of standing in front of a group of people was enough to send him bolting out of the room to vomit.

As a matter of fact, all through his teenage years, Michael suffered from Social Anxiety attacks. The anxiety was so extreme that he could not be asked a question in school without suffering the violent vomiting reaction.

For those people who live a fairly balanced life, this type of reaction can appear as ludicrous, a bit over the top. Perhaps the person is just looking for attention.

If you are the one suffering from it, it’s anything but.

But Michael was in luck, on the night of the Christmas party at work his boss Jack recognized there was a problem. And Jack, taking action quickly pointed him toward help in the form of Life Potential Developments.

Doubting Now Could Be Costly

Now it was up to Michael. Would he allow himself to believe there was a way out? Put his fears on the line and trust that Jack knew what he was talking about?

Or, would he give in to the defeatist thought of, I’ve already tried everything?

Because he had … almost.

From age 14 until this present event at age 21, he had seen every type of professional from medical doctors to psychologists and psychiatrists.

He had been put on various medications to help rid the overwhelming anxiety he felt daily.

Teachers were instructed never to ask this boy a question directly in the class. He got through school one agonizing day at a time.

As a teenager, you can imagine how limited his social life was. And how that would be affecting his mental state.

Taking The First Small Step

Michael was 21 and still living at home. So his first step was to go home and tell his parents what his boss had told him.

His second step was to overcome the challenge presented in making the call. He couldn’t get up the nerve to call since as soon as the first question was asked of him he would be overcome by the urge to vomit.

His father took over and called on his son’s behalf. Ronda talked to him about the situation in great length.

As you can imagine his father was reluctant and doubtful since he had already taken his son to many professionals who promised and failed.

Ronda made a suggestion that would help with the situation and ease his mind. She suggested he bring his son over to our location where he could ask us questions and his son could just listen.

The idea was accepted and the meeting time was set.

Feeling Secure In Taking The Next Step

Michael’s mother and father asked a lot of questions, mainly on how we could help their son. During the conversation, Ronda shared how she too used to suffer from anxiety and how she almost passed out just having people look at her.

As the experiences were being shared, Ronda noticed Michael paying very close attention. So she suggested he could let his parent know if he wanted to work with either herself or me, Bob.

And of course that neither would be offended with whatever decision he made.

Immediately Michael said he would like to work with Ronda.

She looked directly at him and asked him if he would like to see the coaching room…he said yes.

Our coaching room at the time was in the lower level of our home, with a bathroom mere steps away.

Ronda told him she would make sure he was looked after during the sessions with her. She offered to put a garbage bucket next to him and with the bathroom so close he felt it would be okay.

Change Starts Quickly

Ronda found the real cause of Michael’s problem didn’t start at 14 as all the other professionals thought, but at 10 when something happened at school.

The situation at 14 was like compounded interest adding to the original problem which then caused Michael to shut down completely.

Ronda did a process with him called Re-Imprinting to transform the past incident by changing his belief about himself and get a totally different perspective.

He couldn’t believe how different he felt and excitedly stated so as he grinned from ear to ear walking out that day. He said he was really looking forward to tomorrow’s session.

You Can Feel Confident

The next session was all about building confidence and helping Michael establish goals that would propel him forward in life.

You see Michael volunteered at the fire department and his biggest dream was to go to firefighting school and become a professional firefighter, but his problem held him back since he feared ‘the questions‘.

Ronda used another NLP Process called Collapsing Anchors to blow out the remainder of the problem.

Michael was now pumped and animated…he was surprised in his own behavior and feelings, but excited knowing things have changed, and he knew his life was going to be different.

At the end of the session, he thanked Ronda from the bottom of his heart and gave her a big hug.

He’s Where? … Doing What?

When Ronda called to follow-up with Michael his mother answered the phone and happily told her, he isn’t home.

He is out having fun with his friends!

His mother was so excited she could hardly contain herself as she started telling Ronda how much he had changed, and so quickly.

She said after the first session his energy was noticeably upbeat and both mom and dad felt they had their son back.

The joyfulness that was lost all those years ago had returned and was bubbling out of him.

Ronda sent Michael an email telling him she had called and that he could get back to her when he got a chance. Months past when she finally got a call from Michael.

He had finally landed on earth again and wanted to thank her for giving him his life back, knowing that she would understand not hearing from him since he had a lot of living to catch up on.

Laughing he said, “now it’s time to fulfill my dream and I want you to know I enrolled in firefighting school and they have me teaching a few segment classes for the school.

Can you imagine Ronda, me a teacher?” “Yes, I can imagine that very clearly Michael”, she said.

“And what a wonderful teacher you will be. After all, you have so much compassion for helping others, that others will want to learn from you.”

And Change Continues To Happen

As time passes someone will call Ronda for coaching who said they got her name from Michael. He shares his story with others and refers them to her if they too want to change their lives.

Thankfully our lives are filled with Michaels, Jacks, and Dons continuously helping us to help others who want to live their dreams.

And some, like Jack and Don, take our NLP Training to coach others within their own fields while others take our NLP Training to work more directly with people, as we do, to help them solve whatever problems are holding them back from their dreams.

Because NLP Training gives you unlimited potential to live your dreams, you can live your life without the shackles that hold others back.

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