If You’re Expecting Success To Make You Happy – STOP!


 Because You’ll Never Be Happy – Here’s Why …


If you’re expecting success to make you happy, I’ve got some disappointing news for you, but on the bright side, it could save you many years of struggle and hardship.

So, let me explain the problem behind expecting success to make you happy, and give you an easier way to be happy.

Because expecting success to make you happy is another one of those childhood thoughts that should have been left behind years ago but somehow got stuck in our psyche. You know, like the childhood thought that you’re going to grow up to be superman or superwoman.

Where It Started

Perhaps it was perpetuated by your parents after they noticed how well it worked when telling you “you must be good or Santa won’t bring you any toys.” They probably kept it alive in their hopes that it would help you get a better job, so they could feel good when you succeeded.

It’s a cruel and archaic method to use, but it does work. Like dangling the proverbial carrot in front of you to keep you motivated to achieve some goal. Bosses and lottery organizations seem to be very successful with this time proven method.

But it doesn’t really work that way, plus if you follow this child-like thought process, you will never be happy. And in reality, (that is, in your reality) you won’t be successful either and here’s why.

Why It’s a Losing Game

It’s your brain’s fault.

Your brain won’t let you succeed to the point of being happy; it’s a losing game. You see, that marvelous grey blob we rely on so much, take for granted so often, and never really seem to understand, often acts as a double-edged sword.

The same brain that helps you create the much-needed outcome picture for your success has a dark side. Yes, that magnificent brain that enables you to get around any obstacles preventing your success, that continues to motivate you to always keep going, has a trick up its sleeve.

That’s right, that same magnificent brain has a dark side that plays tricks on you. Because as soon as you reach the level of success where happiness should kick in, your brain recalculates and raises the bar.

Stop all happiness it tells you because that’s no longer success. You will now have a new level to reach before you’re successful. And therefore a new level to achieve before you can be happy.

And your brain creates a cycle that runs over and over again …

An Easier Way To Be Happy

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If you’re feeling a bit discouraged after reading the disheartening news above, worry not as there is an alternative method of being a success at becoming happy found here:

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