Imagine Me … Doing A Visual Job Successfully!


Just like there are three types of people in the world, there are three types of jobs in the world.

There are Visual jobs, Kinesthetic (hands-on) jobs and Auditory jobs.

If You’re Not Visual Can You Still Do A Visual Job And Be Successful?

To be quite honest, most people never figure out the real reason behind their lack of success in a certain field.

You may know when you’re having a problem, you may realize you’re struggling more than others seem to do within the same field, but this is one area where common knowledge about the subject just doesn’t exist.

Are You Visual Or …

It may be quite obvious to some that if you’re not a visual person you may not make it as a world-class photographer. Photography, obviously, is a very visual profession.

If you’re not auditory, you may struggle to try to reach the number one spot as a musician. Again, seemingly obvious, this is an Auditory profession.

And if you’re not kinesthetic, sports, healing touch, and mechanical type fields may lose it’s appeal rather quickly. Kinesthetic (hands-on) professions are best filled with the right type of people, the same as the other types.

Life Wasted?

But to the everyday person, well, they’re just not aware of the different brain languages and how they affect your understanding, and processing of life.

Nor do they understand that the field they chose to work in because they liked the idea of being a photographer, for example, will never allow them to exceed and rise to the top. Simply because they are not 100% suited to the call.

Now, having said that, there are plenty of examples that prove this wrong. And it’s not always about being the best and rising to the top, is it?

Sometimes it’s all about doing what makes you feel good. Enjoying the work you must get up every day to do. Some times it’s really all about just being you.

Of course, the best combination will be doing what you love doing, and having huge success in it, due to the fact that it suits your type of person. Whether it’s Visual, Kinesthetic or Auditory.

Do you know which type you are? Do you suspect you’re doing the wrong job for your brain type?

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