Learning NLP – Because It’s Easier Than Figuring Life Out

Learning NLP – A Big Advantage –

Learning NLP gives you a big advantage in life, and who couldn’t use that, especially in these uncertain times.

But what if you already know how to do the thing you do?

Hey, if you want to just stick with the bits you know that work, that’s up to you, all I’m saying is you can make your life a lot easier by learning NLP, and even easier if you take an NLP Training.

How’s Business – You Liar?

For instance, one of the techniques used by my friend Keith, when people he knew entered his store, was to look at them and ask seriously in a big voice,  “How’s business … you liar?”

Imagine, walking into one of your favorite stores and having the owner, or anyone, greet you with that explosive question.

Now, Keith always followed up with a knee-slapping laugh ending in the biggest grin you’ve ever seen, but think of how effective that technique could be if you had the guts to pull it off that is.

What would be your reaction to being greeted like that?

What’s Really Going On?

Keith was well known and liked by everyone. A tall lanky 60 plus handsome guy with a serious look an easy grin and … an odd, yet effective sense of humor.

But sometimes I wondered if it was just humor. Perhaps he had really figured out a way of saying, “Don’t give me any B.S., I know what’s really going on.

Which, of course, is another advantage of learning NLP.

Champions Do!

Keith Ross owned and operated a music store for many years, and did well with it. He is also a very well known and accomplished fiddle player. But it didn’t come easy for him; he practices every day, as all champions do.

And if you have ever put a violin or fiddle under your chin and draw a bow across the strings you know – it makes the most god-awful sound in the world. But, mix desire with practice and this instrument can make music straight from heaven, and Keith proves it.

If you want to be a champion, then you gotta do it, whether it’s playing the fiddle or learning NLP.


So don’t look at others who have what you want and just think they’re lucky, look and them and then ask yourself if it’s worth the effort to have what they have, and then take action and do something about it.

If you want to be an expert fiddle player, then take fiddle lessons from the experts and practice every chance you get.

If it’s learning NLP, then take the best NLP Training you can find and practice every chance you get.

Then, when someone looks at you and asks, “How’s business?” You can look right back at them and truthfully say – GREAT!



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