3 Steps As A Life Coach To Be
Time Magazine’s Person Of The Year

Life Coach

Life Coach – Your Name Here – Wins Time Magazine’s Person Of The Year!

As a Life Coach do you know what your chances are to make Time Magazine’s person of the year?

No doubt you’ve  heard of Time Magazine and their award, “Person of the Year”, which started way back in 1927 as “Man Of The Year.”

Time picked Charles Lindbergh as the first  “Man of The Year”  partly because they needed to fix the mistake they had made earlier of not having Lindbergh on their cover following his historic Trans-Atlantic flight.

The Criteria …

Step #1, obviously is to be a Life Coach, and Step #2 would be having a solid client base you have worked with. Of course, that presupposes you’ve gotten the right Life Coach Training to start with, such as our NLP Training and Coaching Certification.

But do you know what Time Magazine’s criteria for “Person Of The Year” is?

In short, they look for: “The person(s) who most affected the news of our lives, for good or ill, this year.”

So, do you have a chance? Assuming for the good of course.

It’s OK, and I’ll tell you why …

It’s because Time Magazine isn’t the only ones to give awards, clients do too. They may not be heard by millions of people, and your picture may not make the news, but when you’re a coach, you’ll be just as important to those people that you help.

Award or Reward?

Of course, not everyone becomes a coach for personal awards, some become coaches for personal Rewards.

Awards, rewards, whatever it is you want out of a coaching career the bottom line is really all about accomplishment and personal satisfaction, isn’t it?

I mean, to have the feeling, the knowledge to know that can make a difference in the world. A difference to someone else who needs your help.

So, you may or may not become Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year” being a coach, but what you can become is your client’s “Person Of The Year”, and that should give you great satisfaction.



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