Are You Or Someone You Know Suffering From Lingering Pain?

Solve Your Pain Puzzle

For many years I knew to have good physical health you needed to eat well and exercise regularly.

But what I didn’t know was the answer to why I was still not as healthy as I thought I should be.

And I bet you’re going to be as surprised as I was when you find out why. 

Physical Health

You see, I didn’t drink alcohol or soda pop. And I only ate good healthy food low in fat with little to no sugar, and I exercised regularly.

I went to a nutritionist, thinking I must have been doing something wrong. She had me write down everything I ate for 3 days. Upon accessing my diet, she was puzzled.

From there, I went to a naturopathic doctor, and again, she couldn’t find what I was doing wrong when it came to my diet.

I tried acupuncture, vitamins, herbs, homeopathic remedies, osteopathy, physiotherapy, and visited the chiropractor many times. Although they all had some benefit, the problem was still there.

Emotional Health

Now to switch gears and talk about emotions. Doctors and scientists agree that stress can affect our physical health, but many never refer you to someone who can help you solve what is causing the stress.

Stress comes from our emotions; negative emotions such as anger, sadness, guilt, and fear can make you sick if they are excessive.

In a small amount, our bodies can handle stress and the negative emotions that cause it, but when you are under stress from these emotions for a long period, your body starts to experience symptoms.

Excessive stress = PAIN.

What To Do

Since my problem has been solved by digging into the root cause and healing those long-time stressors, I still love to explore resources I can share with others to help them.

If you are suffering from lingering pain and cannot seem to get a solution, there is this wonderful book I read recently. “Solve Your PAIN Puzzle” by Michelle Karis, Physical Therapist.

Michelle uses excellent analogies to explain what is happening in your body so you can start immediately with simple, easy to apply exercises to have you become physically, emotionally, and mentally fit.

This book is not only EASY to read, but it is also packed with insightful knowledge to improve your overall health and well-being.

You can find this book at The link takes you to where you can read about it or purchase it.

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