Is There A Lollipop NLP Richard Bandler Connection?

OK, so we all know there is an NLP Richard Bandler connection, but … “what’s with the lollipop connection?” I hear you asking.

Well, according to what I read on the internet a racehorse inspired the famous lollipop candy name. It goes on to say, a fellow named George Smith owned a confectionery business and his favorite racehorse was named Lolly Pop.

Hmmm, this is where streams of information start whizzing by me.

OK, now I grab another piece of information which comes from my favorite NLP Book by John Seymour Introducing NLP.

According to Seymour’s information, John Grinder and Richard Bandler were in a log cabin, high in the hills above Santa Cruz when they came up with the name neuro-linguistic programming.

And of course, NLP is short for neuro-linguistic programming.

High … In The Hills?

Now I want to make sure I don’t get blamed for spreading nasty rumors about John and Richard. The way I read it the hills were high, not John and Richard.  Although …

According to John Seymour, after 36 hours of putting all the pieces of the NLP puzzle together, John and Richard took a break. They sat down with a bottle of Californian red wine and asked the all-important question, “What on earth shall we call this?”

So, you could say that the name Neuro-Linguistic Programming came from a bottle of red wine. Now I admit that the name neuro-linguistic programming did not come directly from the name of the wine. But the wine was partially blamed for the odd name, not the fact that John and Richard were high in the hills above Santa Cruz.

NLP Richard Bandler Connection

Again, I’m not saying John and Richard were high. But, if they weren’t in the hills, high above Santa Cruz, would they have come up with a different name? And if so would there be an NLP Richard Bandler connection?

OK, so it may be a big stretch to say there is a lollypop NLP connection, because, if you’re like most people you won’t see any connection. But, if you are like me and see connections everywhere, that simply means we have a similar brain filter.

Seeing connections where others don’t see connections used to make me think I was weird at one time. But, now that I have a greater knowledge through NLP, I know that it’s just due to one of my brain filters.

Mind you it’s not one most people have so others still often think me weird at times, but that’s OK in a good way.  I get to enjoy and have fun with my weirdness.

It’s also one of the many filters that makes me an extraordinary Coach.

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