Long Term Emoitonal Pain...ah relief at last

Long Term Emotional Pain…ah..relief at last

Emotional Pain

So many people suffer from long term emotional pain caused by childhood abuse. Not only does it make my heart ache for these people because of what happened to them, it also aches because they don’t understand how quickly this pain can be relieved and no longer an issue in their life.

It really doesn’t matter if this person had a lot of abuse in their childhood or just a one time event, it only matters how they are feeling about themselves today. Often the scars are carried as if they happened yesterday and effect us deeper then we may realize. Hurt runs deep and can effect not only… our self esteem, but our relationships, careers and our health.

The good new is simply….we form negative limiting beliefs about ourselves when all of this happened in a moment in time. When the healing takes place….it also happens in a moment in time and we no longer have to live with the pain inside of us for the rest of our lives. Many people find relief in as little as one break-thru session.

Don’t believe this is possible? Ask anyone that has experienced our coaching sessions or our NLP Practitioner Certification training or ask me more about it. I love sharing what is possible with anyone that is interested in learning.

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Ronda Degaust

Break-thru Coach, International NLP OnlineTrainer, Columnist and Author of How To Heal from criticism, insults, abuse & rejection. Ronda helps her clients remove growth barriers to achieve success in all areas of their lives. For a free consultation call Ronda today to change your life!

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