“I Lost My Overwhelm – And Got My Sanity Back, Too”


Overwhelm is a nasty debilitating state that can rob you of life’s pleasures, cause major procrastinating, and make you feel like there’s no use going on.

But, can you easily overcome overwhelm, stop procrastinating, and get your sanity back, putting yourself back on top of your game?

Sure you can, but not by doing what you’ve been doing, that’s obvious, but by knowing how your overwhelm was created and then choosing the right model to use to overcome it.

Overwhelm can be defined as:

  • To bury or drown beneath a huge mass – As in too much information to deal with.
  • Defeat completely – As in failure after failure to succeed, without hope.
  • By giving too much of a thing to someone – As In more work, but less time to do it.
  • To have a strong emotional effect on – As in Never being able to please, without recognition.
  • And being too strong for – As in Aggressive Overbearing Personalities.

Albert Schweitzer said, “As we acquire more knowledge, things do not become more comprehensible, but more mysterious.


I like what Albert Schweitzer said,  and I believe what he says is true, here’s why …

Knowledge doesn’t equal understanding, knowledge equals information, and more information equals information overwhelm, and overwhelm doesn’t equal understanding – overwhelm equals confusion.

So how can anyone keep their sanity and not suffer from overwhelm, under those circumstances, you might be asking?

Well, it all has to do with your way of sorting information. Because not everyone sorts information in the same way, so, you have to know how you do it best, and work within that frame.

I distinctly remember being taught how to spell large words like – altogether – when very young in school. It actually excited me at the time because the teacher showed how to break up, or chunk up, the correct word into smaller words.

The teacher effectively stopped my spelling overwhelm by chunking the big word – Altogether – into four smaller words, IE: al – to – get – her.

And, as simple as it sounds, that’s the basis behind controlling overwhelm. Breaking things into the right sized pieces and having those pieces in the right order.

Now, I know what you might be saying at this time, and I agree, some things in life are a heck of a lot more complicated than spelling large words.

But no worries, our NLP Training Online has a heck of a lot more ways to handle the biggest problems you could ever encounter.

We even created and included the ‘Stop Procrastinating Video’ to help you defeat overwhelm.

So if you want to bust out of your overwhelm in your present situation, or you want to charge into something new, the way to arrive stress-free is with knowing you can, and you definitely can with our NLP Training Online.



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