Know How One Moment In Time Can Maximize Your Life?

Most people, perhaps even you, think that certain people are special, that they have to be special to do the things they do.

But it’s simply not true.

The people who go from ordinary to Extraordinary are people just like you – perhaps with one exception – They take one moment in time and decide to do something.

They make a decision, and regardless the fears involved, at that one moment, they move forward.

Here’s One Real Life Example

The last pitch of a deciding ball game was about to be thrown. The batter took his stance; the pitcher started his pitch, the runner left 3rd base intent on stealing home.

The batter had his signals crossed, swinging his bat at a murderous speed he connected solidly with the perfect ball crossing home plate. The runner slid safely across home plate, scoring the only run of the game – a hero.

Take one moment to Maximize Your Life.

Another Example

The restaurant was full; half the patrons were from a new multi-day training celebrating a successful completion. One of the trainees created this entertainment night.

One participant, nominated by her husband, was to sing for the first time in public. As she moved into position, in clear view of all patrons, her fear overcame her.

She trembled uncontrollably from start to finish of a stirring rendition of Edelweiss, bringing a tear to one large German’s eye and a round of sincere applause from all patrons.

Take one moment to Maximize Your Life.

These were two moments in time belonging to two different people, similar only in their willingness to seize the moment, a moment that will never be again.

Moments like this will never stand a chance of disappearing. Not a chance. As a matter of fact they have a strange way of growing. Becoming stronger.

Take this moment and Maximize Your Life




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