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Many people over the years have discovered NLP. Some have learned and used bits and pieces successfully, and some have discovered the enormous power of learning NLP through a Certified Trainer.

If I were to ask which area would you fall under, would your answer be “some NLP” or Certified Trainer?

Well, if you recognized the term Milton Model NLP, then you might be someone that has been trained. Because non trained people often just move toward the easy pickup stuff in NLP and never even try to understand where it comes from and how it works.

Before Milton Model NLP

In the beginning, there was the Meta Model NLP. Now, I must admit, when I was in real estate, discovering this was a massive advantage for me. It made my life so much easier.

Why? Because I had to overcome client objections, I also worked with contractual law, plus I needed the ability to get by the hoards of governmental department people and their never-ending supply of red tape.

The meta-model was my scissors, or sword if you will, that enabled me to slice and dice the problems and win the day.

And Then, Many Things Changed

I had the Meta Model NLP, and it worked fabulously. But I knew there was more, much more, so I continued …

And by what some would call a weird set of coincidences, I learned the name of a trainer I had not heard of before. The more I learned of him, the more I knew I needed to meet with him and gain the knowledge I lacked.

And through the process of gaining that knowledge, I felt very much like the great wizard Gandalf transforming as he did.

I was now able to see one thing twice. One way with the knowledge of The Meta Model, and the opposite or different way with the Milton Model NLP knowledge.

So know I had the choice of which way was best to act and proceed successfully. Not only was my life easier and more successful, but it was also more lucrative. My income grew.

Time is up today, so look for a future post where I will tell you more about NLP Meta Model and NLP Milton Model. Or, you can check out our NLP Training Online and get the full scoop straight from the two wizards who created it.

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