NLP And Magic, Is There More Than One Connection?

The words NLP and Magic are often shared in the same thought, and they do have connections. But do you think it’s magic because I can do something that you can’t?  Is that what makes NLP so magical or is it because of the result that I get using NLP? Well, let me share a secret …

Everyone loves Magic, don’t you?

Magic has been a part of everyone’s life since the dawn of time, but have you ever wondered why? What’s the big attraction with magic? Do you think it’s because someone can do something that you can’t that makes it so magical?

Well, I’ve got a secret to share, it goes much deeper than that. Magic causes your brain to ask questions. Questions like, “what was that?” and  “how did they do that?”

And do you know why that’s important? It’s because your brain doesn’t like an unsolved puzzle or mystery. Heck, it won’t even let you sleep when you don’t know the answer to tomorrow’s problems, will it?

Now, anything that activates your brain and causes it to think can be a good thing (perhaps not at 2 am when you’re trying to get to sleep though). And that’s because thinking is brain exercise.

We all know that to be healthy you need to exercise, and your brain is no different. If you want to grow a healthy brain i.e. get smarter and prevent Alzheimer’s – then you need to exercise your brain. It’s that simple.

What Makes Magic Magical

In medieval times when people thought of magic, they thought of the court jester. NLP and Magic Jester

Do you know why just a few hundred years ago the simple court jester had such special privileges and freedoms? It was because they had two magical abilities, one was because they could tell stories and two was because they could juggle.

Juggling was magic at that time because people’s brains could not understand how it was done. Seeing it would have amazed them and trying it would have frustrated them.

So at that time juggling was considered magic just as any magic trick is today.

Over time juggling has become a learnable skill and therefore holds no magic now. And there lies the key to magic and the reason magicians won’t tell you their secret. Because once you know the magician’s secret it is no longer magic, and then they’re out of a job.

The proof is in the pudding, as they say, you won’t find a court jester at the local employment center anymore.

The NLP And Magic Secret

So, when most people talk about NLP and Magic, they do so because the outcomes of NLP seem to be magical. Big life problems that have haunted you for years are impossible to access. To onlookers, it might seem unbelievable, but to the person who had the problem – it’s magic!

It seems magical because if you have been properly trained in the art and science of NLP, then you can easily help people where other “professionals” have failed.

And the bigger the person’s problem is to overcome, the more magical the process seems when it’s no longer there.

But here is the secret I want to share, NLP and magic do not happen in one big effort. There are many things going on all the time when we use NLP, or when a magician uses magic, effectively.

For example, I started using NLP in the title of this post and have many different processes all the way through. And an astute student of NLP may notice as many as 45%.

To the uninitiated listening to the FREE NLP Training Audio files, it may appear that Ronda and I are randomly chatting often about irrelevant things. But I can assure you that each word and discussion has a purpose and acts to guide the subconscious minds of the students toward their outcomes.

Such is the magic of NLP in the hands of a skilled practitioner. And you can be that skilled practitioner if you so desire, but more on that later.

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The Prince And The Magician




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